Fast food and drive-thru restaurants need a POS system that can keep up the pace to serve customers quickly and accurately.

Enter Orders & Take Payments Quickly

The Revention POS system makes it easier to take orders accurately and quickly, add modifications for customized orders, accept payment, and make change easily – all for a faster turnaround. 

  • Easy-to-understand order screen with red light/green light buttons for quick ingredient modifications
  • Suggestive selling prompts and combo pricing
  • Edit items without deleting and re-entering them
  • Smart money options to speed up the collection process and end each shift with a more accurate cash drawer

Simplify the Drive-Thru

Revention POS includes drive-thru confirmation screens to increase the accuracy of orders for your quick-serve customers. Order recall and smart money features help keep lines short at fast food drive-throughs. 

  • Integrated drive-thru order confirmation screen allows customers to review orders for accuracy
  • Order recall screen for employees to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Free form notes for special instructions only print in the kitchen
  • Dashboard style reports to see the speed of service and other key performance indicators

Customizable Kitchen Display

The accuracy of a kitchen display system can make or break your order turnaround times in a fast-food restaurant. Revention POS allows you to configure the display seen in the kitchen so that it meets your quick-service restaurant’s needs. 

  • Customizable print sequencing of menu groups and items
  • Configurable ticket display
  • Item display and order display that can be staged
  • Color-coded order timing
  • Configurable audio alert

Take Your Customer Experience to the Next Level with Revention POS for Your Restaurant

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Reporting Features for Fast Food Restaurants

  • Customizable end of the day batch report that is automatically emailed to you
  • Automatically generate report packages on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Multiple location reporting in a single dashboard
  • Comprehensive menu analysis, cash control, coupons and discounting
  • Dashboard reporting to review speed of service and other key performance indicators in the drive-through
  • Audit reports by employee
  • Simple order recall for re-printing or investigation

Stop Internal Theft

  • Biometric fingerprint authentication for employee point of sale access
  • Employee scheduling with parameters that can be set to prevent early or late clock-ins
  • Security access can be configured by labor type or individuals
  • Security camera integration – view an order entry in real-time overlaid on video feeds

“Revention customer support is outstanding. I’ve worked closely with their department multiple times on projects and they have always been extremely thorough and responsive…”


True 24/7/365 Customer Service

Revention understands that restaurants have different hours than the normal business 8am-5pm.

TRUE LIVE 24/7/365 SUPPORT – NO outsourcing, NO call centers, NO on call services – you will speak with a Revention customer support agent from our Revention headquarters with little to no wait time. Dealing with the source of the software allows for faster results when it comes to resolving an issue and implementing custom requests.

  • 24/7/365 Revention-staffed support center
  • 1-877-738-7444 Customer support number
  • Certified technicians who understand a restaurant’s sense of urgency

“We are extremely impressed with Revention. Labor cost has come down SO much in all of our stores, which naturally affects the bottom line. With regard to functionality and what the employees that actually use the POS every day think about it, they absolutely love Revention. They rave that it’s just so much easier and faster; they really love using it.”

Cindy Paul, Popeyes

“I needed a robust and modern POS system and after months of intense research I chose Revention for a variety of reasons. First, it was by far the easiest and most intuitive POS system that I found. Training takes from minutes up to a few hours tops, versus much longer with other systems. Also, it has a lot of up-to-date features and great add-ons like iPhone apps. The whole system makes it friendly for the customer because it allows me to easily adjust, add, split or change a ticket without any hassle.”

Michael Savich, European American Bakery Cafe

See Firsthand How Revention Can Help Your Restaurant

The point of sale software and other technologies you choose are critical for the success of your restaurant. Take a look at how the Revention POS solution integrates into many important aspects of efficiently running and growing your restaurant. Schedule a demo by completing this form. We'll talk about your specific needs to see what can work best for you. 


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