Pizza is part of your DNA. Your fans rave about your pizza menu.  You need speed, controls, and a solution that scales so you can deliver on quality and personalization. Revention has the tools to help you do just that as well as drive repeat business.

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Fast and Easy Order Entry

Revention’s intuitive order screen layout with red light/green light modifications makes it super easy-to-customize and use.

  • Red light/green light modifications
  • Edit any item without deletion or re-entry
  • Unlimited number of custom order types
  • Estimated order time calculation
  • Customize order screen by POS terminal or employee
  • Instinctive order screen makes it easy to train new employees and minimizes order errors

Increase Revenue and Retain Customers with Online Ordering

Online ordering is the fastest growing part of the pizza industry. And your customers want options to conveniently order for delivery or pickup. 

  • Our online ordering solution seamlessly integrates with our Revention POS
  • Average online ordering checks are 15% higher than in-store
  • Reduce labor costs related to employee order-taking
  • Improve customer satisfaction by preventing on-hold or wait time
  • Maintain your brand with mobile options that provide the ability to place an order anytime, anywhere

Drive Repeat Business

Revention loyalty program offers customized solutions to identify and reward your most valued pizza customers so they’ll keep coming back for more.

  • Integrated loyalty solution and third-party loyalty integrations
  • Log into one portal to manage all of your locations
  • Loyalty programs can be set up independently by custom store groups
  • Rewards can be earned and redeemed from any Revention ordering platform
  • Point and reward configurations can be updated anytime

Build Personal Relationships with Your Customers

Understanding your customers is critical to growing your business. Revention’s CRM solution allows you to manage your entire customer database and enter data quickly and efficiently.

  • Require specific customer fields by order type
  • Detailed account of all previous orders
  • Multiple phone number and address storage
  • Loyalty Tracking
  • Auto-populate cities and states by zip code

Optimize Delivery Operations

Revention streamlines your pizza delivery operations and track accurate real-time delivery stats.

  • One touch, real-time driver statistics
  • Color coded order timers to prevent late deliveries
  • Manage multiple delivery zones
  • Delivery reminders by item to ensure order accuracy
  • Integrated Caller ID Management including real time order statistics
  • Integrated mapping using Google Maps data with turn by turn directions

Grow Your Business with On-Demand Logistics Services

Revention POS seamlessly integrates with DoorDash to enhance restaurant operations and/or streamline existing delivery operations. 

  • Request drivers anytime and only when needed
  • No need to manage multiple third-party delivery services and/or in-house delivery team
  • Augment in-house delivery team to accommodate for peak times, unexpected surge of orders and outside of standard areas
  • Build your brand, customer engagement and increase sales

We are committed to providing the best customer experience

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World-class 24/7/365 Customer Service

NO outsourcing, NO call centers, NO on-call services – speak with a Revention customer support agent with little to no wait time. We promise to quickly address and resolve your issues.

  • 24/7/365 US-based Revention-staffed support center
  • Certified technicians who understand a restaurant’s sense of urgency and operations

    “I learned about Revention at an equipment trade show. I was looking for a POS system that could fill my needs as a pizza concept, and I stopped by Aloha’s booth to see a demonstration – it was clear to me that Aloha couldn’t fulfill my needs. When I saw a demonstration for Revention, I knew I’d found the right POS for Piesanos. The red light/green light order feature and the integrated caller ID feature are my favorite features. Piesanos is in the process of franchising and Revention will be the Point of Sale system of choice for all of the future stores.”

    Mike Akey, Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza

    “I’ve used other systems at my previous jobs but Revention just stands out. I can find everything with a touch of a button, the menu is laid out in a simple, easy to read format. The dashboard tool is a great feature too, I can see what our sales are, my employee labor costs…”

    Sabrina Johnson, Hungry Howie’s

    “I have found that for us Revention is the perfect fit. We switched over to Revention from Firefly POS after having installed the competitor’s system only 6 months before. THE SWITCH WAS WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!!

    We did not have a good experience with Firefly at all. It was hard to program, had many systems faults, and zero technical service.”

    Sam Saigh, Extreme Pizza

    See Firsthand How Revention Can Help Your Business

    Your technology solution provider is one of the most critical decisions for your business.  Trust Revention to deliver an integrated solution with 24 x 7 Customer Support and the capabilities you need to grow your business by exceeding your customer's expectations. 



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