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“We’ve been using Revention for 5 years, but before Revention we were using Firefly. The Firefly POS was seriously outdated – it was essentially just a cash register. We shopped around for a while, and at the Pizza Expo that year we had a chance to demo in person the systems we were interested in. We’d narrowed it down to Revention, Aloha, and one other system that I can no longer recall. Revention outshined all of the other POS systems we saw, and so we switched.

The transition went as smoothly as you could expect – the change from one to the other was so drastic that naturally we ran into a few bumps along the way. But overall, very smooth! The staff picked it up rapidly and we were able to stay open the entire time during the installation & training – we never skipped a beat and never missed a sale.

Once Revention was installed, the difference was like night and day. Firefly ran on a DOS operating system, which is antiquated technology at this point; Revention runs on a Windows based operating system, which is obviously so much better. The platform is extremely stable and the dependability of the Revention system is unsurpassed. The real time dashboard feature is awesome, and the reporting functionality is incredible. I especially love the end of day sales reports and it’s great that the reports are so customizable that you can find out absolutely anything you might want to know. The Revention POS is also very flexible and the 24/7customer support is excellent. We’ve just started using HungerRush online ordering and we love that too. Several restaurant operator friends will be installing Revention systems in the coming months, based on my glowing recommendations!”