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“I have been in the hospitality business since 1970; I have experienced most of the systems, from using an actual cash register to the latest POS systems. Revention is the finest system currently on the market. It is simple, logical and extremely user friendly.

Revention systems can easily be customized to give you quality, useful information to assist you in making decisions for your operations. Every POS can ring items and print out tickets; it is the back office where Revention leaves the rest in the dust. The more I work with Revention, the more I modify the system to improve our operations. I honestly put in about 50% less time on reviewing back office information than when I was using Micros, which frees up time for me to interact with staff and customers.

If you are on the fence about which POS system will best serve your operation and have narrowed your choice to Micros or Revention, this analogy might help. Micros is like texting on a phone with a 10 key pad. Revention is texting on a Smartphone. If your primary use of a phone is for texting, would you choose a 10 key pad phone or a Smartphone? Both get the job done, but only one is efficient & can be used with a minimal learning curve.

Really there is only one choice – Revention!”