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Frank’s Pizza Fixes Its Drawer Change Dilemma

Frank’s Pizza has been long regarded as a go-to spot in Houston since 1997. The New York-style pizzeria has attracted many late-night crowds and walk-in foot traffic. On February 2018, they expanded to open a new neighboring location— a bar & lounge concept named Frank’s Backyard.

Ed Love, the founder, and owner of Frank’s Pizza, has been a user of the Revention POS system since 2006; however, the relationship hasn’t always been perfect. In early 2018, Mr. Love started looking for a new POS system. His first motivation was that Revention did not have a solution for tax-exempt customers when using the tax included menu pricing. The second motivation to swap was the transition into the modern credit card platform for EMV compatibility and PCI compliance. Ed felt Revention was needlessly moving away from a tried-and-true solution, and that the new technology would limit and hinder his business.

Revention moved away from the CreditLine 911 software and upgraded to their in-house EMV solution, Revention Payment System (RPS). RPS uses the new TLS 1.2 security protocol mandated by the PCI board. Many customers including Mr. Love, saw this transition as an unnecessary move for Revention. Revention knew this transition would protect its customers from chargebacks and from future security threats.

Ed Love further explained that he was under the impression that the EMV would only accept chip reading and that he was going to lose the efficiency of his card swiping. Love specified that “when he is busy in a night, he does 2 customers a minute, or 120 customers an hour,” and with the chip, he would be heavily hampered by the speed of each transaction.

In his switch to Speedline, he said that the requirement would be that they must enable the swiping function of credit cards and that they must allow him to process tax included payments with the option to exclude tax-exempt customers. Ed Love signed over, and Speedline installed their software into the Revention hardware.

However, things didn’t quite play out as he had planned. Within a very short time, he noticed that while Speedline could supplement the tax feature and supported swiping to keep his transaction pace, it lacked several other major elements that were available on Revention. One of the major one’s obstacles was the reconciliation process to swap a drawer out.

Soon after his transition to Speedline, Ed Love contacted Revention to see if a switch back could be possible. When Mr. Love spoke with the Revention sales and customer care team, he found out Revention would be willing to do custom development to suit his tax features. He also found out, that the RPS system would still meet his transaction speed needs (disabling the chip mechanism to utilize card swiping). Today, Ed Love is once again an advent user of Revention, and we are closely working with him to further develop custom solutions for his unique restaurant & bar concepts.