Tablet pos system

Grow your business with the best tablet functionality and user experience to meet customer demand. Revention tablet based POS system is engineered to operate both online and offline.

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Ultimate Mobility

Set your servers and staff free with the power of mobility from a tablet POS system.

  • Maximize revenue by processing orders more quickly
  • Diminish long lines and wait times with ease so your restaurant can serve more customers
  • Be ready for seasonal demands from patio-season to football season, and special events by having additional units of POS available in a sleek, modern tablet footprint

Modern User Experience

A superior user experience that is easy to learn and customizable with our tablet restaurant POS systems.

  • Maximize employee productivity with an intuitive interface
  • Customizable interface for quick order entry on a tablet POS
  • Flexible tablet options allow you to choose between Android or iOS tablets to best suit your needs
  • Decrease your training period by providing a familiar user experience to your Revention fixed-based POS systems

One Platform

Unite your POS systems.

  • Run Revention Point of Sale workstations and Tablet POS simultaneously with a common management interface
  • Provide a seamless user experience with software that operates the same across devices
  • Easily integrate with other Revention solutions including Mobile & Online Ordering, Loyalty, and Management

Offline Mode for Maximum Uptime

Don’t be at the mercy of your internet to take orders.

  • Benefit from a hybrid cloud solution that’s not dependent on the internet
  • Keep the front of the house and the back of the house running during internet outages in offline mode
  • Eliminate poor customer experience when systems go offline

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Secure and Flexible Payment Processing 

Protect your restaurant and your customers with secure payments. 

  • Protect your business and reduce fraud liability by accepting EMV chip cards
  • Accept modern forms of payments like contactless and NFC
  • Allow guests to pay with gift cards 

Ultimate Affordability with No Upfront Cost

Manage your cash flow with predictable monthly payments. 

  • Save operating capital with a subscription-based model and no upfront cost
  • Subscriptions include hardware, software, and support services in one easy monthly payment
  • Hybrid cloud-based delivery means always operating on the latest, most-up-to-date version of your Tablet POS software 

Tablet POS Integrations

Build your entire restaurant technology ecosystem with fully integrated Revention services. 

  • Expand your sales channels by offering mobile & online ordering
  • Implement a customer loyalty and reward program to encourage engagement
  • Manage and optimize all your locations with multi-unit reporting and management 
  • Track important KPIs from anywhere and any device 

See Firsthand How Revention Can Help Your Restaurant

The point of sale software and other technologies you choose are critical for the success of your restaurant. Take a look at how the Revention POS solution integrates into many important aspects of efficiently running and growing your restaurant. Schedule a demo by completing this form. We'll talk about your specific needs to see what can work best for you.