Why choose Revention over Flashpoint?

Revention is an industry-leading restaurant online ordering and management solution for pizzerias, quick serve, and fast casual restaurants.


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Revention has helped over five thousand customers grow their business, streamline operations, and optimize the customer experience.

Designed to Grow Your Business

Custom-branded, integrated online ordering and loyalty programs that are accessible from any device not only increase per-order amounts by 15% but help you expand the customers you can reach as well as drive repeat business.

Easy-to-Use and Highly Configurable

Intuitive order screen layout includes red light/green light modifications for super-easy order customization and operations so you can speed through the ordering process.

Optimized for Delivery Operations

Streamline your delivery operations with real-time driver statistics, multiple delivery zone management, on-demand delivery services, and Google Maps integration.

US-Based Customer Support

Certified technicians who understand your restaurant’s sense of urgency and operations. No outsourcing, call centers, or on-call services. We’re here when you need us.

How We’re Better


U.S. Based Customer Support

Support available any time of day, any day of the year.

  • Support within two minutes
  • US-based customer support staff
  • Tiered support system to help


Comprehensive Loyalty Program

Loyalty program works for any customer across the enterprise.

  • Revention tracks customer data at any location
  • Customer information can be used to generate repeat business
  • Customers don’t need to keep track of a loyalty card to get benefits


Enhance Delivery Service Dispatching

Integrated with Google Maps, DoorDash, and geofencing capabilities.

  • Real-time mapping updates for newly developed areas
  • Driver mileage recording
  • Easily manage multiple delivery zones
  • Integrated on-demand delivery services with DoorDash


Online/Offline Mode

Point of Sale functions with or without internet.

  • Hybrid cloud-based solution
  • Not dependent on the internet by keeping the front of the house and back of the house running during outages
  • Re-synchs data and transactions when the internet is back online

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Better Processing Rates with WorldPay

Revention provides a smooth transition from Flashpoint as WorldPay is offered by both providers.

  • Receive a complimentary processing rate review from our in-house merchant services team
  • Meet or beat current processing rates

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See Firsthand How Revention Can Help Your Restaurant

The point of sale software and other technologies you choose are critical for the success of your restaurant. Take a look at how the Revention POS solution integrates into many important aspects of efficiently running and growing your restaurant. Schedule a demo by completing this form. We'll talk about your specific needs to see what can work best for you.