Revention Facebook Integration

Revention offers a Facebook integration with Revention Online Ordering that will allow restaurant owners to offer their Facebook users another way of ordering food online – straight from their Facebook account.

How It Works

Once a restaurant brand adopts Revention Facebook Integration platform, the brand’s Revention app will be released on Facebook. Customers can then access this app from their Facebook home page and begin a new order. They are guided quickly and easily through the ordering and check out process, just as seamlessly as they would be on the restaurant’s traditional online ordering site. The Facebook app still retains the look and feel of the brand, already set in place by their traditional Revention Online Ordering site. The Revention Facebook app, traditional Revention Online Ordering and Revention mobile are all intrinsically connected, so customers can easily repeat previous orders & delivery locations via any of these online ordering avenues effortlessly.

Why Every Restaurant Needs This Feature

There are currently 1 billion monthly active users on Facebook, Some of the most “liked” pages on Facebook belong to food and beverage brands, with approximately 187 million consumers restaurant brand “likes” on Facebook. Facebook is a critical forum for food and beverage brand identities.

An application like this gives Facebook users yet another reason to “like” a restaurant brand on Facebook, hence gaining the brand more fans and more loyal customers. The process is convenient and the order process is faster than ever, since the consumer can place an order without having to hop from website to website – it can all easily be done right there on the restaurant’s Facebook app. Far from replacing the traditional way of ordering food via the brand’s website, the Facebook integration acts more as an enhancement to an already-streamlined experience; it’s simply one more online option for consumers to take advantage of in a world that lives for social networking.

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