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What is Honeycomb Loyalty
Honeycomb Loyalty is a comprehensive loyalty program developed by Revention. Honeycomb offers a customer loyalty solution that will communicate across all Revention and HungerRush ordering platforms. A customer may earn, review and redeem their rewards easily in-store or online.


  • Log into one portal to manage all of your locations
  • Loyalty programs can be set up independently by custom store groups
  • Rewards can be earned and redeemed from any Revention ordering platform
  • Point and reward configurations can be updated anytime, on-the-fly
  • Reward codes are unique to each member and can only be used once

How it Works

  • Honeycomb loyalty data is communicated in real time through all Revention ordering platforms
  • Customers enroll by providing their first name, last name, phone number and email
  • Use the phone number, email, or membership ID number to look up member accounts
  • The customer participates in the normal purchase process, points and rewards are automatically calculated and issued to the account
  • Loyalty members receive account status updates after order completion
  • Loyalty members can review their current points and available rewards through your HungerRush website or your HungerRush mobile applications
  • Members can redeem rewards by clicking on the reward interface through HungerRush or providing a reward code in-store

"Revention is the perfect one stop shop for point of sale, online ordering and loyalty program administration. They provide an integrated customer loyalty solution that integrates with all ordering platforms and prevents employee abuse. Once a customer is added to the Honeycomb Loyalty Program, a reward execution occurs automatically with an order and without employee access or manipulation." Charles Trawick - TJ's Pizza Wings N' Things

Honeycomb Loyalty FAQs

How much does Honeycomb Loyalty Cost?

Honeycomb Loyalty is available to all Revention customers. The setup cost is $99 per store, and a one-time fee of $199 to configure your HungerRush website to work with all stores that have been set up. Monthly billing is a tiered structure starting at $65 per store.

How long will set up take before I can use the service?

Honeycomb setup typically takes 7-10 business days to complete. Once the setup purchase is complete a System Integration specialist will reach out to coordinate configuration and up-times based on the store's operating hours.

Are there limits to customer database size, transactions, or emails sent?

No! With Honeycomb you pay one flat fee for unlimited admins, unlimited customer communications, unlimited loyalty member profiles, and unlimited transactions.

How do my consumers sign up?

Consumers can register for your Loyalty Program by creating an account on your HungerRush online ordering website, through your HungerRush Mobile Applications, or in store at the POS as part of their ordering process. No purchase is required. Have your consumers sign up online so they don't have to wait in line!

What about my existing consumer base?

Existing customers can go to your HungerRush website, edit their account and enroll in your loyalty program with a single button click.

Will my customers need another mobile app to see their account?

Honeycomb is a white label loyalty solution. You market your brand directly to your consumers. They never see "Honeycomb" or your competitors, because they are using your HungerRush mobile app and website.

How do I set up promotions?

You have the power to build program rules whenever you want. Log into your Honeycomb management portal and use the intuitive rule generator to specify times, days of the week, items or dollars spent to qualify for a reward.

How are consumers notified of their participation, points, and rewards?

Customers receive an email within 48 hours of placing their order (the delay is up to you). This email provides the customer with their current points, any rewards they earned on that order, and instructions on how to participate in the program or qualify for additional rewards.