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Revention Releases R-Mobile Version 3.0

Revention’s priority for R-Mobile 3.0 was to enhance the user experience, while focusing on providing features most sought after by restaurateurs and managers. R-Mobile is a companion application to the widely used R-Enterprise Remote Management solution. R-Mobile is a premier long-standing staple for many of Revention’s customers, enabling managers and owners to stay informed while on-the-go from their mobile devices. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are customized by user. Detailed data at your finger tips provides the tools you need to make swift and concise decisions allowing your business grow and thrive. Version 3.0 will enhance this information and enable users to drill down on detailed data.

Home Page Easy Navigation

Quickly navigate to all areas of the R-Mobile from the home page. R-Mobile 3.0 allows you to be well informed about every detail of your business. You can be everywhere from anywhere.

Historical Data

From the dashboard or mobile reports, quickly switch between current day and previous days for fast comparison. Having comprehensive historical information in the palm of your hand empowers you to make smarter and faster business decisions.

Inventory Management

Directly input inventory counts on your mobile phone or tablet. Counts are saved immediately to R-Enterprise and synced directly the store. No more clip board or hand written errors, experience the freedom of real time inventory counts from your mobile device.

Group & Store Dashboard

View Net Sales for all stores or groups of stores on one screen. Swipe down to refresh data to keep an eye store progress. One touch access to Store or Group details and key performance indicators.

Revention’s Research & Development Team saw an excellent opportunity to take our R-Mobile product to unprecedented heights with version 3.0. They quickly realized that by providing two way communication between the application and the point of sale, the product would expand exponentially on the actionable data, and by refining the simple and fast user interface, it would bring R-Mobile to a level all competitors will try to replicate.

Store Details

Configure the Store (KPI) Details by user. View the data that is important to you. Select Net Sales or labor and drill down into actionable detailed data.

Net Sales Drill Down

See Sales by Time, by Order Type, by Category, or by Day Part. Have the most detailed information within seconds with one touch. Select Sales by Order Type or Sales by Day Part to drill-down to individual orders.

Order Detail

Easily drill-down to the order list for the current day or previous date. Quickly see paid and unpaid status. Touch any order and immediately see complete order detail.

Payroll & Timekeeping

View Payroll Summary data real time. Click on an employee to view details including time punches and employee shift statistics such as sales, comps, gratuity, tips and more. Manage your labor anytime, anywhere with unparalleled simplicity.

Access to this powerful tool is included as part of the monthly subscription to R-Enterprise. Downloading the application is free, and shares the same log-in credentials as an account.

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