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Designed specifically to be a tightly-knit integrated online ordering solution for the Revention POS software, Revention developed HungerRush with its customers needs in mind. The seamless integration provides an exceptional online and mobile ordering experience. Since inception in 2008, HungerRush has experienced substantial growth. HungerRush is an affordable solution that works for all restaurants - no matter size or number of locations.

Boost Sales Fast

Today's technology climate requires restaurants to offer Online Ordering; it's no longer a nice-to-have feature

  • Online ordering check averages are 15% higher than in-store check averages
  • Increase customer order frequency with exclusive online promotions
  • Reduce labor costs related to employee order-taking
  • Improve customer satisfaction by preventing hold time
  • Mobile options provide the ability to place an order anytime, anywhere




Advanced Technology

Revention's dedication to staying ahead of the technology curve is proven by the continual emphasis put on enhancing our products. Our Research & Development team is committed to developing premier products that the market demands and our customers expect.

  • Both HungerRush & Revention POS were written by the same company, designed to eradicate errors and have flawless communication
  • Suite of feature-rich HungerRush Products, including Online & Mobile Ordering, as well as iPhone / Android Mobile Apps & Facebook Ordering
  • Credit card processing is integrated into the POS eliminating delay when changes need to be made
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Integrated loyalty program that gives invaluable insight into who your customers are and their spending habits



Customer Experience

Allowing customers to control their online ordering experience promotes repeat business. Ultimately, this leads to customer loyalty. Also, providing consumers with as many ordering options are possible will ensure customer satisfaction. With mobile apps, your customers can order in as little as four button clicks - it's that fast!

Customer may...

  • Order as a guest
  • Use Facebook account to login
  • Set up an account & save multiple delivery addresses
  • Save past & favorite orders
  • Enroll in the Loyalty Program
  • Enroll in Email Club
  • Place future orders
  • Store their credit card in the MobileApps




Data breaches are a very real threat and are not to be taken lightly. Not only are they costly to business owners, but a security breach can leave a permanent scar on your brand. Entrusting a reputable and certified online ordering provider to protect your customers sensitive credit card information is not only your responsibility, but it is your legal obligation as an organization transmitting and processing cardholder data.

The PCI Securities Standards Council sets forth regulations that service providers must adhere to by receiving an annual assessment and obtaining certification. Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliance is required for all service providers processing 300,000+ transactions, annually - HungerRush is a Level 1 PCI-DSS Certified Provider. In other words, your customer's credit card information is as safe as it can get.

To verify if an online ordering company has been approved as a PCI-DSS Certified service provider, visit the Visa and MasterCard websites.
Visa Global Registry of Service Providers
Master Card PCI Compliant Service Provider List



Enhanced Management Tools

The HungerRush Admin Portal provides dashboards, reporting, and hundreds of configuration options for your online ordering website. The tool allows you to maintain online ordering configurations, manage store holidays hours, perform menu updates, easily upload product images, and more. Also, you can request Customer Feedback Emails by enabling this feature in an effort to gather invaluable customer experience data.

  • Real-time online sales data is available online or at the store
  • Define customer zones for your delivery area using Google Earth
  • Dashboard views display sales history for quick comparison analysis
  • Management reporting for Top Stores, Bottom Stores, Top Coupons, Bottom Coupons, Orders, etc.
  • Customer activity reports include Lazy Customer, One Time Customers and New Customers



Fast & Effortless Management

Often times managing a separate online ordering service causes stress. With a POS-integrated online ordering solution, management is fast and effortless. Real-time menu and coupon updates made to the POS are pushed to HungerRush with the click of a button - just that quick and easy!

  • One hundred percent compatible with POS software
  • Automated process guarantees order accuracy
  • Quickly manage estimated carryout and delivery times on POS
  • Send marketing campaigns from the POS to online customers via email
  • Effectively prevent delays to menu updates and pricing errors



Mobile Apps

HungerRush is full of invaluable features and the mobile applications are no exception. Customers ordering from the mobile apps have access to the same features offered online, including integrated loyalty and favorite orders.

With mobile apps, your customers can...

  • Create a user profile
  • Save favorite and past orders
  • Place future orders
  • Set up multiple addresses
  • Store credit card information for multiple cards
  • Check their rewards and apply offers
  • Lighting fast 20 second ordering with quick 4 button re-order process
    ..and much more!

Seamless Integration

To date, 1000+ customized HungerRush apps have been published in the Apple App Store and Google Play Marketplace - that's more apps than any other comparable company! Like online ordering, the mobile app sends orders securely to your Revention POS to be processed.

  • Tailored design matches your concept's online theme
  • Mobile App menu updates automatically when online ordering menu us updated
  • Online ordering settings are synchronized with Mobile Apps
  • Integrated custom loyalty that allows customers to view and redeem rewards
  • Additional functions can be added such as location finder, promotions, and news.

Facebook Integration

HungerRush offers a Facebook integration with HungerRush that will allow restaurant owners to offer their Facebook users another way of ordering food online - straight from your Facebook page.

How it Works

Revention creates a Facebook App thatcan be added to the brands Facebook page. Customers can select the App link to place an order online. The HungerRush Facebook app, HungerRush online order and mobile applications are all intrinsically connected. Customers can easilyrepeat previous orders and delivery locations via any of these online ordering avenues effortlessly.


HungerRush Top 30 Benefits

1. HungerRush provides seamless integration with Revention point of sale that includes credit card transactions, estimated order times and menu updates

Revention developed HungerRush online order initially to sell more point of sales systems. By 2011, we realized HungerRush was becoming more than an enhancement to point of sale, but a requirement for any business offering to go or delivery services. What make the Revention and HungerRush integration different than most solutions is the same development team created both products. This ensure when a change is made to the point of sale menu, it can immediately update the online menu. The in store menu and online menu are never out of sync. Credit card transactions also flow directly into the point of sale allowing tips to be added after the initial order placement online. A credit card transaction online is displayed in the store and can be modified if necessary.

2. Easy to use tools that allow menu changes and promotion updates to be done immediately when needed

The Revention point of sale menu and coupons sync directly to the HungerRush online ordering menu. Many online ordering solutions require site menu changes to be submitted and then there is a delay before they appear. With the Revention/HungerRush solution the changes can be made on the point of sale at the store and when the changes are saved an option to update the online menu will appear. The menu update includes promos and coupons that have been added. If corporate chooses to manage the menus and coupons, the changes can be broadcast to the stores and then the HungerRush Admin portal may be used to pull the store menu and coupons to online.

3. Fastest Mobile Ordering Apps in the world

Revention began developing custom mobile applications as early as 2010 for both iOS and Android. During initial testing we realized the other mobile ordering applications would crash or error out when the internet or data connection was slow or disconnected. Revention solved this problem with our patent pending technology that incorporates a data file within the app which houses all of the menu and coupon data. The only time a HungerRush mobile application requires a data connection is upon log in at the beginning of the order taking process and upon the final step of submitting the order. We have conducted numerous tests with other prominently used mobile ordering applications, the HungerRush applications are faster in every case and will continue to allow order entry while the data connection is compromised. Smart phone screen real estate is the most valuable advertising area for a restaurant. It is a constant reminder to the customer of your brand. Revention has developed over a 1000 custom mobile applications and is by far the most experience mobile developer in the industry.

4. Security – HungerRush is a Level 1 PCI-compliant online service provider

Security is a critical element of online ordering. Your customers are entering their personal data and potentially credit card data into your company branded online ordering site. A breach would be devastating. Your customers would be inconvenienced and your brand reputation would be tarnished. Some brands can never recover from such an event. Do not do business with an online ordering service provider that is not listed on Visa and MasterCard PCI-compliant certified list. To be on this list the online ordering service environment will need to be reviewed and tested by a certified third party PCI assessor. The report will be submitted to the card brands for validation. Your customer’s data security must be a priority.

5. Support AVS validation for credit card processing

Address verification is the perfect feature to assist in reducing card-not-present transaction fraud. It is important for you to validate the feature is supported by both your point of sale, credit card gateway and credit card processor. Revention partnered with Vantiv for many reasons, AVS verification is one of them. HungerRush can be configured to require the Billing Zip Code. Vantiv will validate the zip code is accurate before charging the customer’s card. If the billing zip code does not match the transaction will be declined. Some online ordering solutions offer AVS, but it is important to validate how the processor handles the information. We have seen some processors decline the transaction, but a pending charge will still appear on the account for 72 hours. You don’t want to take the call!

6. Credit card transactions processed online can be modified at the store level to add tip and edit transaction amount with proper security

HungerRush online ordering credit card transaction integrate directly into the Revention point of sale. This mean one consolidated batch for the business day. This also means a tip can be added at the door for the driver and edited at the store when the driver cashes out. Not all consumers want to enter a tip upon the initial order, though HungerRush does offer that as an option. Also it is not uncommon for a customer to add an item when that come into pick up there order, maybe add a two liter or a brownie. The new item can easily be added to the online Pick Up order and the credit card transactions can be updated with the new amount. Updating credit card transactions by removing an item or adding an item does require approval.

7. Orders processed via online are on average 15% greater that in-store orders and require less labor

HungerRush produces over a billion in sales annually through online ordering sites, mobile sites, mobile applications and Facebook ordering. A customer will spend more money when they can take their time, review appetizing images of the food and be tempted with suggestive selling prompts. After polling hundreds of locations using HungerRush and Revention, online ordering sales are an average of 15% higher and require less labor.

8. Mobile applications can include additional pages such as location finder

Revention will provide a custom mobile application that facilitates ordering, but will also include additional sections such as location finder, promotions section and news. Why is this important? A customer needs to see value when downloading an app to their Smart Phone, while ordering is valuable, you never want to require a customer to download two apps, one for information and one for ordering. When directing customer to download an app it should fulfill all of their needs.

9. Mobile applications can store customer credit card number

Storing a credit card online greatly increases the security requirements for an online ordering provider. Revention brilliantly incorporated the stored credit card feature into the mobile applications. The card number is stored within the app and not online. This provided a greater sense of security for the consumer. Storing the card number within the app also expedites the checkout process.

10. Four button reorder process on mobile applications

When the customer chooses to repeat their last order and has stored their credit card for future use, they can process an order in 4 button clicks. 1. Launch the app which will auto logon. 2. Select the Repeat Last Order. 3. Select Check Out. 4. Select Submit Order. The customers can easily view Favorites Orders and Previous Orders from the mobile app menu.

11. Mobile website is available

Mobile apps are requirement for any brand wanting to entice of the millennial generation to order, but there are some users that do not want to download a new app to facilitate an order. This is where the mobile website comes in. The HungerRush mobile site has the same look and feel of the mobile apps but is accessible through a mobile web browser using the same URL as the online ordering site. When the mobile ordering web page loads it will recommend the customer downloads the app. That message can easily be closed. Purchase of the mobile ordering website does require the mobile apps to be purchased.

12. Configurable suggestive selling that works both online and in the mobile applications

Suggestive selling can be configured and updated by the site admin, which can be a member of corporate or the store owner for a one store brand. The Suggested Sales section of the HungerRush Admin portal offers a very simple and intuitive configuration screen. You enter in the Menu Group of Items or Item you wish to suggest when an Item or any Item within a Menu Group appears in the cart. If you configure overlapping suggestions the will be presented in a round robin manner.

13. The HungerRush Admin Portal provides numerous reports to measure new customers, customer usage and adoption rates.

Revention has always believed your data is your data. From providing an open architecture database within the point of sale to an easy to use report exporter within the HungerRush Admin Portal. All customer information can be queried and exported to allow you to market to your customers. Specialized reports such as One Time Customers and Lazy Customer can also be queried for fine-tuned marketing efforts.

14. Product images can be uploaded and managed through the Admin Portal. The images translate to the mobile applications as well.

HungerRush provides an Admin Portal with easy to use tools to maintain your HungerRush site. No need to submit images and wait for a response from your service provider. HungerRush gives you control. When you add a new menu item, you can quickly update your online menu and upload your new product image. Your customers can enjoy your new items or limited time offers without delay.

15. Ability to upload a new Geofence to manage delivery area through the Admin Portal

Your Delivery area is defined by creating a geo fence around your location. A geo fence is multiple points of longitude and latitude that create an enclosed area. Multiple geo fences can be uploaded to expand or limit the delivery area. This is an extremely important feature for developing areas. Where there was once a field a new housing development pops up around the corner. Easily create your new geo fence and upload through the Admin Portal.

16. Google Analytics integration

Google Analytics is a free website analytics service offered by Google that gives you insights into how users find and use your website. With Google Analytics, you can track ROI for your online marketing. You can also use tracking codes to tag and track any advertising, social or PR campaign on any platform/website. The HungerRush Admin portal offers a configuration for the Google Analytics ID, Google Conversion ID and additional Google settings to necessary to track how customers are accessing your online ordering site.

17. Integrated loyalty solution, HoneyComb, which provides a customer with reward status via a visual graphic.

The Honeycomb loyalty solution is integrated into all of the Revention and HungerRush ordering platforms. Whether the customer signs up for the loyalty solution online or in store, the customer will begin earning points immediately. The online ordering site and mobile applications provide the customer a Reward status section that display a visual graphic showing how far the customer is away from earning the next reward. Honeycomb is a white label solution and can be customized to each brand.

18. Loyalty Rewards can be applied within the online ordering site and mobile applications.

The Honeycomb loyalty solution automatically emails reward notifications to the members. Within the online ordering sites and mobile applications the rewards can be applied directly without enter the unique code for the reward. This provides an intuitive redemption process leading the customers to order online more frequently and engaging with the loyalty program.

19. Future orders can be configured for current day only or future days.

The HungerRush Admin portal provides you the ability to turn on and off future orders for the current day or future day by store. This is very important to offer this setting by store. There may be a special event happening for the specific location where future orders cannot be accommodated. The store owner can easily switch the option off until the volume levels out.

20. Customer can save multiple delivery addresses

As a loyal customer to a brand it may not be uncommon to order delivery to multiple addresses. You may order from home on Friday night, a catered lunch for the office during the week, and your neighbor’s house during an event. Customers can easily store multiple addresses for future use.

21. Customer can save favorite orders.

Favorite orders are a great feature. It is pretty typical for customer to order the same thing from their favorite carry out or delivery place. With favorite orders a customer can recreate a past order with the click of one button. Favorite orders translates across all HungerRush ordering platforms whether you are ordering from the website or mobile application.

22. E Club enrollment is available.

E Club enrollment can be available in conjunction with the Honeycomb loyalty solution. Many online ordering sites consider these programs one and the same. Loyalty and reward enrollment require specific terms and conditions be present, but with E Club, the customer is just saying yes to receive special offers. Whether you use a reward system or not, E Club is important for every brand to confidently market to their online customers.

23. Customers can order as a Guest.

While there are many benefits to creating an account, there are some customers that do not want their personal information saved. Both the online ordering, mobile ordering site, and mobile apps allow customers to place orders as a Guest.

24. Customers can log in with their Facebook account.

It is overwhelming for a consumer to keep track of all of their user names and passwords. The average person has 27 discrete online logins*. (*Poll performed by Intel Security) HungerRush allows a customer to create an account by using their Facebook credentials. With one click of a button your account is automatically created. Logging in with Facebook does not allow the online order site or application to post the customer’s profile page, but upon check out the customer will have an option to Share their order on Facebook.

25. Supports Half and Half Specialty Pizzas

If you are a pizzeria, listen up! Do you allow your customer’s to order half and half specialty pizzas over the phone or when they come into your place? If the answer is yes, then why would you prevent your online customers for ordering the same thing? If the online ordering provider does not support half and half specialty pizzas, look elsewhere. While the functionality may be complex, it is important to not limit your online users. The Revention and HungerRush solutions handle half and half menu items with simplicity and ease.

26. Option to require credit card payment for orders over a specified amount

This configuration was a new feature added because of Revention’s customer demand. The Revention point of sale solution and HungerRush online ordering solutions are stronger and provide immense value and return on investment because we listen to our customers and implement recommendations. This request was no different. There is a benefit to not having a pick up customer pay for an order online, the rate paid for a card present transaction is less that a card not present transaction. So some brands don’t allow online payment for pick-ups for that reason. But if the order is a higher check there is more risk. The HungerRush Admin portal provides a configuration to require a credit card for orders greater than a defined value.

27. Customer can add a tip to an online order during check out.

This option can be turned on or off at the store level. Adding a tip at cash out can be a huge convenience if you are getting an order delivered to a friend or to your kids when you’re not home. On the other hand, some customers may want to wait to determine the tip amount when they actually receive the product. With HungerRush the customer has the freedom to make that choice.

28. Estimated order time is updated by the store when the order confirmation appears.

The communication between the Revention point of sale and HungerRush flows both ways. If the estimated order time is changed at the store level due to increased volume or weather conditions, the time change will automatically update HungerRush. The next order placed online will receive the updated time.

29. A weekly status report of online ordering activity is emailed to administrators and owners.

HungerRush sends a sales report on a weekly basis to the site admin and store owner showing the weekly sales totals and comparisons to last week’s sales numbers. With online ordering it is easy to forget you have a self-maintaining virtual employee accepting orders with higher check averages and 100% accuracy. The Weekly HungerRush Sales Report reminds you the value of the HungerRush service.

30. Custom online ordering site development is available.

The standard HungerRush online order site set up and/or mobile applications set up offer hundreds of configuration and design options to make both forms customizable to your brand. There are some brands that want to take the customization to a new level, which is available to all customers. A HungerRush Product Manager can work directly with your corporate team to understand and define the level of customization needed to meet your requirements.