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“I’ve been with the company for almost 10 years bouncing around throughout the different concepts. Two of the locations use Revention but our bar (Remington Bar) was using a different point of sale system. It was incredibly slow, took forever to batch transactions and overall, was not very user friendly. Our staff was ecstatic when we switched to Revention, it’s what we’ve always known and loved, and it works. I’m able to see a detailed report of our staff’s sales and balance drawers correctly. I’ve never seen another system that is fast and self-explanatory as Revention, I recommend everyone to buy it!” 

Shannon Croft, Remington Bar

Concept: Nightclub & Bar

“Thrive was hindering my business and exhausting my efforts. I was spending so much time every couple of weeks to rebuild the entire system or menu, it made no sense for me to pay support when I was practically doing their job. I finally decided to give Revention a call and was connected with David who did a great job walking me through the demo and finding the right suite of products that would fit and help my business. Our installer, Derrick, was also nothing short of amazing. He stayed onsite to train our staff during normal business hours to ensure all questions were answered and that everyone was familiar with the system. My staff feel so invigorated to punch in an order now. The Dashboard feature is probably one of my favorite things about the point of sale. I can see my sales, labor costs, and even break down the daily performance by order type. I’m extremely happy with the switch.”

Mike Messina, Rising Phoenix

Concept: Delivery/Take out
Cuisine: Pizza
“I’ve used other systems at my previous jobs but Revention just stands out. I can find everything with a touch of a button, the menu is laid out in a simple, easy to read format. The dashboard tool is a great feature too, I can see what our sales are, my employee labor costs, and adjust our marketing strategy accordingly. The integration of the HungerRush web ordering eliminates talk time and allows us to focus on accurate production. It’s seamless. I recommend every restaurant owner to get Revention, it’s the smarter decision.”

Sabrina Johnson, Hungry Howie's

Concept: Delivery / Carry Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I've been in the industry for some time and have been familiar with the bigger legacy point of sale companies, but I also know how deficient they were in certain aspects. When we found Revention, saw a couple of demos, and went to their office to check them out, almost instantly I realized that it was light years beyond what I used previously."

Matt Hutchinson, Pizaro's

Concept: Delivery
Cuisine: Pizza

"Before Revention, we had a lot of walked tabs because we didn't have the ability to pre-authorize credit cards. We would have thousands of dollars unaccounted for at the end of every month which cause us a lot of strife. Now, that's thing of the past."

Mo Jeloudarzadeh, Jr, Mo's Place

Concept: Bar
“We are extremely impressed with Revention. Labor cost has come down SO much in all of our stores, which naturally affects the bottom line. With regard to functionality and what the employees that actually use the POS every day think about it, they absolutely love Revention. They rave that it’s just so much easier and faster; they really love using it.
From a support standpoint, since we’ve installed Revention our support needs have literally dropped by 75 – 80% because the system just WORKS. It does what it’s supposed to do, plain and simple. Another thing:  the R-Enterprise phone app literally pays for the system almost instantly. The data that R-Enterprise provides to us on a daily basis is absolutely vital. I’m very pleased.”

Cindy Paul, Director of IT for Brodersen Enterprises, Popeyes
Concept: Quick Service
Cuisine: Chicken, Southern
“I was using Comtrex POS in 2 of my Dairy Queen locations prior to installing Revention in February 2014. The reason I originally chose Comtrex was because they offered local service and I knew several other Dairy Queen locations that were using it, so I figured it was the best choice. Over time the Comtrex technology was getting outdated and the quality of their customer support had dropped considerably, as well. Once the issue of PCI compliancy came up I knew I wanted to do a security upgrade to comply. I decided the best move would be to do it with a new and better POS product, which is why I switched to Revention POS.
Revention is so much easier to train employees on than Comtrex. Order entry is incredibly easy and more accurate than before. For example, the pre-selected modifier feature is invaluable when training new staff – employees make fewer mistakes when the pre-highlighted buttons instruct them about what automatically comes on a burger, salad, etc. We have a very complex menu, so I was slightly worried about how Revention would handle that, but they worked with me to customize the intricate details, and now we have a really slick, easy to use menu.
Revention customer support is outstanding. I’ve worked closely with their department multiple times on projects and they have always been extremely thorough and responsive. I am extremely happy with Revention’s customer service, and with Revention as a whole.”

Tom Centenalli, Dairy Queen
Concept: Quick Service | Drive Thru
Cuisine: American, Ice Cream
"Now that we're using the Revention system, the restaurant is far more organized. Everything is accounted for and nothing is getting lost because we no longer have to use handwritten receipts. Once we installed, I noticed that our sales went up immediately. The POS is so easy to use and the table management is awesome - I really love that feature. The staff were trained on the POS in no time. The graphics, screens and buttons are excellent, and I also like that I can upload my own images if I want. The system works so well and the customer support is top notch. We've had Revention installed for nearly 5 years and I'm as happy with it today as I was in the beginning."

Leo Suarez, El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Mexican
"We were using a cloud based system which was a good concept but we always had bad connectivity and it was not reliable. We've had a good response since implementing Revention to our business. The ease of use and security permissions have been a real help. Our servers love the speed, reliability; they're never worried whether or not the orders will be printed int eh kitchen. The modifiers have cut out a lot of steps and made the order process faster and seamless."

Dan Fulton, The Bar @ Suamico

Concept: Bar/Specialized

"The Dish Cafe opened its doors with Revention 2 years ago and it's been a great partnership. Our staff picked up the system very fast, even those that had never used a POS before. The ease of use is awesome, and I really like that the system is easily programmable. Uploading new items to the menu is so simple. We live in a graphic world, so Revention's excellent use of graphics and well-organized screens are truly an asset. RIght now we are working on getting the system set up so that we can email our customers their receipts, and our customers think that is really cool - and so do I. The system has certainly contributed to the speed and smoothness of our operations over the years. I would definitely recommend Revention POS to others!"

Mark Rotellini, The Dish Cafe
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: American; Organic

“Before Revention we were using cash registers, but they were very limiting and we were growing fast. We needed a POS that could speed up operations and make tracking inventory easier. Inventory purposes were a big part of our decision, but it was the all-in-one aspect of Revention that we really loved – you truly can do everything and it’s all right there in front of you, just a click away. It takes all of the confusion out of order taking, and being able to customize very specific buttons tailored to our needs is awesome. It takes all of the math out of it too, so far fewer errors are made.

Rockin Rodeo is a live music venue as well as a bar/nightclub, and with Revention we can sell concert tickets directly from the POS simply by putting the tickets in as a menu group. Now customers can buy tickets to future events right there and then. Our customers love that.
Our employees love the system, too. I would absolutely recommend Revention POS to others. In fact, I already have several times!”

Byron Navarro, Rockin Rodeo
Concept: Bar, Nightclub, Live Music Venue