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"I switched from Restaurant Manager" – Viktor Axelsson

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"We were using Restaurant Manager, but they had horrible customer service, horrible menu features, horrible customer tracking…and the POS was so slow, especially going from screen to screen. It was outdated and we wanted to update our system. We switched to Revention because their POS is speedier, more efficient, and order taking is simplified. The system is so easy to use and is a perfect fit for our concept. Additionally, Revention offered online ordering for a reasonable price, with the option for a mobile app, too!"

Viktor Axelsson, Del Mar Pizza
Concept: Full Service, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“We were using Restaurant Manager. It did not have nearly the amount of functionality that we needed. The biggest thing was the Customer Database. Revention does this so well and it’s huge for us. Online ordering is also huge and the HungerRush runs seamlessly with the POS.  It is so easy to update!

 Revention is just perfect for a pizza concept. The system is SUPER easy to use. That is extremely obvious. It is so simple to train our employees it’s unbelievable. Revention’s Customer Service is great too. Ultimately we decided to go with Revention because we got a great price. Also, we found out about you guys at the Pizza Expo and clearly you are the biggest POS name there.”

Mary Brown, Spicy Pie Pizza
Concept: Full Service, Take Out, Delivery
Cuisine: Pizza
"I was dissatisfied with the lack of responsiveness and arrogance of my Restaurant Manager POS distributer and wanted to go another way. I switched to Revention because I wanted an affordable, reliable, PCI compliant system with easy ordery entry, simple reporting features and integrated online ordering. Revention was the only company that offered all of this and more. Revention also had a great reputation and was well-suited for my concept. The Revention staff is very polite, very helpful and very responsive - I was pleased with the customer service. Revention has a great quality system at a great value, and I would definitely recommend them to other store owners!"

Julie Neal, Newport Coast First Class Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"My former Restaurant Manager POS was unwieldy and I was already needing to buy new hardware and additional modules for it; I did not want to continue on with a POS I didn't like, so I started looking elsewhere. I switched to Revention once I saw how easy the system was to use and how much better the reporting, marketing and inventory control features were than Restaurant Manager's. I would rate Revention's sales, installation and training process at a 10 out of 10."

David Odle, Andolini's 2
Concept: Full Service, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"Prior to Revention we were using Restaurant Manager, but that POS would lose orders, wouldn't send everything on tickets, and other similar problems. We switched to Revention because we wanted to have a better system and smoother days. We really liked the way Revention's system kept track of money going in and out, the cash management. We would definitely recommend Revention POS to's a very good system."

Bruno Cataldo, Bruno's Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza