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"I switched from POSitouch" - Maggie Chapdelaine

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"Before Revention we were using POSitouch. Comparing the two systems now, POSitouch is like pee wee football and Revention is the NFL - the difference is night and day. As a business owner, I love that whenever I want to know ANYTHING about what's going on with the restaurant, I can find out via Revention. The ability to highly customize everything is fantastic and everything from speed to tracking has improved. The 24/7/365 customer service is great and I really like the training modules and being able to set up training sessions that focus on key topics. We're excited about the switch and we are looking forward to a long partnership with Revention."

Maggie Chapdelaine, Crust Gourmet Pizza & Bar
Concept: Delivery Take Out, Bar
Cuisine: Pizza

"I was using POSitouch POS, but I wanted a system that was actually up to date. I switched to Revention because their system is user friendly, the order entry is so easy, training, and the ease of configurability. But the very best thing about Revention is the 24/7/365 LIVE tech support. With Revention, I feel like customer service is still alive. When I need support, I can count on them to be there.

Thank you for reviving the lost art of CUSTOMER SERVICE!"

Ed Love, Frank's Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza