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"I switched from Micros..." - Escalante’s

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“Since we made the switch from Micros to Revention, everything is better! Menu items can now be modified easily. With Micros, we were always having to add excessive notes such as, 'No this, sub this' and it made for a lot of things for the server to type and a lot of things for the kitchen to read. Now with the Revention system, the kitchen can see easily and clearly exactly what it needs. 

Overall, the Revention system is so much simpler to look at. Before with Micros, there were so many unnecessary details in the system. With Revention everything is much more consolidated and clear. And split checks are so much more convenient with Revention! With Micros, if you made one little mistake, you could not merge the checks back together. Servers would have to get manager approval to split checks, which took up a lot of extra time. Now servers can split checks with ease and get back to taking care of their guests. 

The Micros system was just unreliable. The kitchen display system was constantly crashing or the screens would go out, and their Customer Support department was horrible. I would call and leave a message, and it would take them at least 30 minutes to call me back on any issue."

Eden Swenson, General Manager, Escalante's
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Tex-Mex
“We have been a family operated company for over 40 years. When it was time for my parents to pass the torch to us we opened up a new shop down the street with Micros with it already installed. We knew immediately based on our industry knowledge that we needed to rip that guy out. We decided to use Revention and we took advantage of their National Buyback Program. Revention is so easy to set up and maintain, we decided to add online ordering. They have done everything and more to make our vision a reality and they can always eat on the house when they come to Franco’s.”

Rosa Bellia, Franco's Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Carry Out, Full Service
Cuisine: Pizza

"Micros was ARCHAIC. Extremely hard to deal with. Everything was so hard to put in, now I can do everything on the fly, it has saved me so much time. I used to have to run up and down the stairs all the time and now I can do everything in one place. Employees are now putting the entire order in, including drinks! That sounds crazy but the Micros system was so bad, they had to go through so many pages just to ring up one order, it was confusing. Micros Customer Service was horrible too. I waited online FOREVER. You had to wait for a call back, and they would then refer you to someone else. I've called into Revention's Customer Service so many times, I think I've waited 5 minutes at the most. I was so glad to take advantage of Revention's Buyback program and I just sent my old Micros system in."

Melissa Easter, Owner, La Taza Restaurant & Coffeehouse

Concept: Full Service

"We were using the Micros 3700 system, which was highly antiquated. Glitches were frequent and their customer service was awful. We wanted a faster, more effective system with modern features - so we switched to Revention. We looked at both Aloha and Positouch during the research phase, but Revention was the most user friendly and had the best reporting features. Not only does Revention have a great product, but the company has a great reputation too. The Revention system was highly recommended to me by a valuable source. I would definitely recommend Revention to others."

Wade Barkman, The Republic Steak House
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Steak, American
"Prior to Revention we were using Micros, but it was awful. We researched all of the best POS systems out there and Revention was the most impressive, especially in terms of ease of use, funtionality, and reporting. Revention has a great product and provides excellent service. I'll definitely be recommending this system to other bar owners."

Mark Travis, The Dirty Bourbon
Concept: Bar/Nightclub
"Before Revention we were using Micros, but we wanted a POS with a better loyalty program and the ability to manage from any station. We also wanted to become PCI compliant. After looking at basically all of the POS companies at this year's NRA Show, we selected Revention POS because of these reasons, plus the ease of use, especially when it came to  adding items, modifiers and preferences.We were treated very well during the sales, installation and training process - everyone we dealt with was patient, diligent and calm."

Dominique Simonetti, Butch McGuire's
Concept: Bar, Full Service
Cuisine: Irish, Bar Fare
"Before Revention we were using Micros. The biggest difference between the systems that I noticed after we switched was that we now had the ability to make changes and update menu items ourselves very easily. Micros was not user friendly in that way at all. In fact, it was Revention's ease of use that really sold me on the system. My staff loves the modifiers - now they can tell the kitchen details with the click of the button, whereas before they had to run back to the kitchen to verbally relay that info. This was an amazing change for them!

The number one feature for me is the wireless tablet. The handheld unit is AWESOME. When we're very busy and 5 tables come in at the same time, I can now walk table to table with the tablet taking orders with ease, without running back and forth to the POS station at the bar. The wireless tablet speeds up the ordering process SO MUCH. I love it!

Another huge difference between Micros and Revention is the quality of customer support. One time, during the Micros days, we experienced a horrible lightning storm that knocked out power in the entire building. When we called Micros for assistance getting the POS going again, they refused to help us over the phone. We had to wait for them to show up for an on-site service call, which is completely ridiculous. We recently went through a snow storm that had a similar effect - the whole building lost power suddenly. We called Revention and they helped us get back on track within minutes. The difference is clear - Revention is the better system by far!"

Lisa Engelman, Win Place or Show Sports Bar & Grill
Concept: Bar, Full Service
Cuisine: Bar Fare, American
"When we opened the first El Limon, we spent quite a bit of time searching for a POS. Micros seemed to come up a lot in my research, so we decided to go with their e7 POS model. We soon discovered it was extremely hard to use in almost every way. It wasn't working for us at all. I saw Revention on an episode of Bar Rescue and the system looked really user friendly - I decided I wanted to try it. I am so glad that I did!

Revention is very straightforward and so much easier to use than Micros. In the past I've used Aloha, and Revention blows that system away, as well. I love Revention's split ticket feature - I use it so frequently now! I don't know how I was getting by without it before Revention. I love getting my reports emailed to me every day and now doing payroll is effortless. Any time I've called Revention's customer service team they answered extremely quickly, and they were kind and helpful. Soon I am opening another El Limon location and I have already decided to install Revention there - I literally just talked to my Revention sales rep and placed the order for the new store. I'm excited!"

Karina Vargas, El Limon Taqueria
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Mexican

“Initially I was so nervous about switching from Micros to Revention – change is uncomfortable, no matter what the situation is, and I was very accustomed to the Micros system. Once the installation and training began, I KNEW we had made the right decision. The installers were extremely knowledgable, professional and very detailed. Beyond that, they were also very helpful and friendly, always going above and beyond for us during the installation process. They broke the language down so that it wasn’t super tech-y; we could easily understand everything they showed us. I was so impressed. They treated our staff like family. Revention’s communication and customer support are both amazing; they are #1 in customer support over any other company I have dealt with.
With Micros there were lots of problems with security – Revention is set up so that the loopholes that existed in Micros are non-existent. Revention offers much more control and security.  Updating the menu, changing prices, renaming buttons – ALL of these things are SO much easier with Revention. Micros makes everything overly complicated with too many steps – it’s a hassle. Unnecessary.
Revention is just a better system, what else can I say? FIVE THUMBS UP!"
Chef Jett, BLU Restaurant and Lounge
Concept: Full Service, Bar, Nightclub, Live Music Venue
Cuisine: Euro-Asian Fine Dining

"Prior to Revention we were using Micros, but the operating system was very old. It was time for something new - an upgrade. Revention has far more features than Micros did - features that help me accomplish my tasks more quickly, especially with regard to back office work. Payroll is incredibly easy to do and the reporting features are awesome. Micros' reports were 12 pages long per report! Revention has everything laid out simply for me on a single page, and it's very easy to read.

I'm not an incredibly computer savvy person, but Revention is SO easy to use - it's idiot proof, like POS for dummies! So user friendly. My staff says the same thing. They love it. Here's a good demonstration of just how easy it is - recently we had a holiday party here at the bar, and we brought in outside bartenders to run the bar while the staff had fun. We literally had to train these people for 10 - 15 seconds on the POS and they were ready to go. And they loved it too! We're all very happy with our Revention system."

Albert Borrero, The Hot Rock Bar & Grille
Concept: Bar, Full Service

"Prior to installing Revention we were using Micros POS, but we really needed a more stable system. We were getting calls all the time from staff that something was wrong with the POS in the store and we wanted to eliminate those problems. We switched to Revention because we wanted a more stable product in place, and also because Revention caters more to the food service industry and independent businesses, whereas Micros was geared more toward hotels, cruise ships, that sort of thing.
We took advantage of Revention’s Buyback program and we were very grateful Revention bought the old Micros system from us and took it off our hands. Since we switched, our Revention POS system is running smoothly and has made a positive impact on our customers and employees. The system never crashes, which was a problem previously with the Micros system. Since Revention is Windows-based, both our staff and our managers have found it very easy to learn and use. I’m a big fan of the system and of Revention’s team. Their Customer Service department has been great to us. We’re very happy with our decision.”
Brad Dorsey, Crave
Concept:  Quick Service, Take Out and Delivery  
Cuisine: Baked Goods
"We were using Micros, but we were experiencing a lot of software issues and hardware issues, like printers not was a lot of different stuff, really. Micros also didn't offer online ordering, which we wanted. We switched to Revention for better POS functionality and for Revention's HungerRush online ordering product.

Revention's POS is so much easier to use because everything is very intuitive. Micros was difficult and made a lot of things overly complicated that should be easy, such as menu changes and back of the house functionality.  Revention also makes it easy to keep track of employees and deal with security issues. I would definitely recommend Revention to others!"

Lauren Demasi, Bread & Cocoa
Concept: Quick Service
Cuisine: Cafe Fare, Sandwiches, American

“I have been in the hospitality business since 1970; I have experienced most of the systems, from using an actual cash register to the latest POS systems. Revention is the finest system currently on the market. It is simple, logical and extremely user friendly. 
Revention systems can easily be customized to give you quality, useful information to assist you in making decisions for your operations. Every POS can ring items and print out tickets; it is the back office where Revention leaves the rest in the dust. The more I work with Revention, the more I modify the system to improve our operations. I honestly put in about 50% less time on reviewing back office information than when I was using Micros, which frees up time for me to interact with staff and customers. 
If you are on the fence about which POS system will best serve your operation and have narrowed your choice to Micros or Revention, this analogy might help. Micros is like texting on a phone with a 10 key pad. Revention is texting on a Smartphone. If your primary use of a phone is for texting, would you choose a 10 key pad phone or a Smartphone? Both get the job done, but only one is efficient & can be used with a minimal learning curve.
Really there is only one choice - Revention!”
Chuck Krauthamer, Three Brothers Bakery
Concept: Quick Serviice
Cuisine: Baked goods

"Our original food vendor sold us on Micros. “They’re big, they have a local shop, we’ll give you a discount, etc…” In retrospect, having that was better than nothing - but not by much. It wasn’t designed for pizza, so a price or menu update would take me literally all night. I would be at Andolini’s modifying price page after price page and forced modifiers all the way until the donut shop next door to me was opening for the next day. The following shift I was worthless as an owner/operator because I was so beat; that’s when I started searching for a new POS  - even at a time when we were really tight on cash.
It was an all-around case that led me to choose Revention. Several instances I knew I could stop with a Revention POS made me excited for the switch. Fingerprint security would stop that one server who knew everyone’s security number when she was too lazy to get a discount approval. Seeing history on each customer would ensure we didn’t make the same mistake twice. Integrated maps would help with new delivery drivers and let us see a full picture when calculating a route. Pre-selected modifiers for each pizza would make listing ingredients for phone orders, along with taking those items off the pizza, a simple process rather than an ordeal."  

Mike Bausch,  Andolini’s PIzzeria
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"I switched from Micros to Revention because I was looking for a more efficient and user friendly POS system. Micros was horrible, and they didn't offer online ordering or mobile apps. Revention's sales process, as well as installation and training, were all fantastic; my installer was awesome and made the whole transition go very smoothly. I would definitely recommend Revention POS to others!"

Kevin Moss, Franchisee, Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe
Concept: Quick Service, Delivery
Cuisine: Gourmet Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Pizza 

"We were using Micros as our POS provider until we realized we needed to be doing more in the realm of social media and online ordering. At the International Pizza Expo in 2012 we were browsing and came across the Revention booth.  It is there that we realized the potential of an all in one POS product and we really liked what we saw. 

We switched to Revention because we needed an all in one POS solution that put us at the forefront of the social media and online ordering booms. Revention provides us with all the new and exciting things that can be done with a POS system, allowing us to grow our brand and maximize our profit levels. Everything you need to run your business is at your fingertips with Revention."

Chad Dawson, Pizza Cottage
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"We were using Micros, but the POS was difficult to navigate and their customer service was very poor. As a bar, inventory control is very important to me, and Revention's inventory features are great. Security is also important, so I thought the biometric fingerprint reader was very cool, too. I was very impressed by Revention's ease of use. The sales, installation and training process during the switch was very good. I would recommend Revention to others..."

Lance Hogan, The Loft Bar
Concept: Bar, Lounge
"We were using Micros POS, but the system was so outdated and lacked features. We switched to Revention because we wanted to decrease paperwork, simplify the order entry process, and gather a great customer database, which would provide a lot of marketing opportunities for us. Revention also came highly recommended by Big Dave Ostrander. We would definitely recommend Revention POS to others..."

Jean Abraham, Allegro Gourmet Pizzeria
Concept: Full Service, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza
"With Micros, I didn’t receive the system I thought I was getting. It was pretty much a piece of garbage, I wasn’t able to do much with the back office. I was looking to keep better track of employee scheduling, improve marketing, and utilize online ordering. That’s why I chose Revention. Their online ordering alone puts them ahead of everyone else. On top of that, the installation and training I got with Revention was the best experience."
Aaron Fredricks, East Coast Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"We made the switch from Micros to Revention because we felt like Revention really cared about our business. Our Micros system was more than 10 years old and their configuration was not capable of allowing us to add more terminals. We had 10 POS stations and wanted to expand to increase our productivity level.

My main objective when choosing Revention was replacing the Micros system with one that is user friendly, fast, accurate, and has the ability to add new features with ease. More than anything we like the color feature for adding or taking off menu items and the reporting enhancements. Keeping our maintenance costs at a minimum and feeling like we got the best value in the industry was a major bonus, as well."
Fred Neumeier, Benny's Pizza, Pub & Patio
Concept: Delivery, Take Out, Bar, Full Service
Cuisine: Pizza, Pub Fare

"I switched from Micros to Revention because I wanted a POS that was more functional and easier to use. Revention offered great reporting functions, easy to use cash functions, and a user friendly interface that I really liked."

Jordan Starke, Franchisee, Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe
Concept: Quick Service, Delivery
Cuisine: Gourmet Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Pizza
"My goal in switching was getting rid of Micros and finding a system that works. Anti-theft controls and delivery capabilities were also key in my objective. I decided to switch to Revention because of the ease of the system. It was MUCH easier to use than Micros. In fact, it was better than all the others I’ve seen."
Susan Milonis, NY NY Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

“I wanted better customer support and Micros couldn’t provide it…”

Tony Gemignani, Capo's
Concept: Full Service, Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza, Italian Fine Dining