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"I switched from Harbortouch" – Hannah Isaacs

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"I have had Revention for one year, I used Harbortouch for 4 years prior. I found out they weren’t PCI compliant and I started having fraud issues- big problem! I switched as soon as I could. Revention has completely turned my business around, I do high volume delivery and have now opened a different concept called Dan’s Pizza Parlor that is a sit-down restaurant with an old-world feel. Revention has made me super powerful!"

Dan the Pizza Man of Dan's Pizza Co.
Concept: Delivery, Full Service
Cuisine: PIzza
“I switched from HarborTouch POS because their system never worked properly. The system was really cumbersome and their monthly rates kept increasing. I also kept experiencing errors with my order entries and with delivery dispatching. So annoying! Customer service was also horrible. No one knew anything and I was always passed around from support rep to support rep."

“Coincidently, my friend, who also has a restaurant, just purchased a Revention. After seeing the system in person, I was able to immediately see that this was my solution. I reached out and the sales rep got me started. Their team purchased my old hardware and put me on a path to increase my sales. Revention was my solution and I tell everyone HarborTouch is no good. Thank you Revention!”

Victor Mendez, Rock On Pizza East Coast Style Thin Crust
Concept: Delivery, Full Service
Cuisine: Pizza
“We switched from Revention because our HarborTouch was not everything it was made to be when I signed up. I was misled and the system can’t do anything but just take orders. On top of the hidden fees, I received from Harbor Touch the system just made my business more complicated. I just started my full-service concept in my restaurant and Harbor Touch was not able to do anything that I need for a restaurant to run successfully. I can’t add table numbers and seat numbers to my kitchen tickets to make sure my orders are prepped correctly. This was a feature that I was told would be there but after 2 and a half hours on the phone with them, they told me that we can add a beta version. With Delivery and carry out orders everything was very cumbersome. Overall this system is not meant for a good fast pace restaurant. After my time with them, I’m still under contract but I don’t care, I decided to invest in Revention because they provide me with everything I need. From Honesty up front to a fully customizable system that allows me to run my business at full speed! I will recommend to everyone that Revention is the way to go.”

Jimmy Papania, Papania Pizza, Pasta & Subs
Concept: Delivery, Carry Out, Full Service
Cuisine: Pizza, pasta & Sub
“I switched to Revention because I felt that HarborTouch was very dishonest in their sales approach. They tell you that the system is “free,” but they collect their funds from you by in-house processing. Essentially, they are a processing company. One of the biggest disappointments was that there was no delivery module. I was not informed of this prior to my purchase with Harbor Touch. Immediately once I switched to Revention, I saw a 30% increase in sales. This allowed me to open a second location. There was no question if I was going to go with Revention for my second location. The online ordering platform, HungerRush, is fantastic! My customers love it! I always receive 5-5 star ratings from HungerRush surveys. I would definitely say that switching to Revention was a great investment.”

Douglas Hunter, Heady’s Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Carry Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"Prior to Revention we were using Harbortouch, but since the switch things run so much more smoothly. I really love the layout of Revention's screens and the images used on the buttons. Revention allows for a lot more customization than Harbortouch, for instance if we needed to change the liquor on a mixed drink, their system couldn't accomodate. We had to come up with a work around. WIth Revention, changes are easy to make. Revention's dashboard feature is excellent and the daily reporting is so helpful."

Concept: Bar
“Harbortouch grossly misrepresented their system to us. The security was non-existent, the menu was never correct, and it simply didn’t work. We switched to Revention because we wanted to fix those problems and have a smooth running system to free up upper management from daily in-house duties. Revention came highly recommended, especially by Fresh Brothers, and we would also recommend Revention to others because our business is a personal business and we have felt taken care of on a personal level by the Revention staff and even by the owners of the company."

Hannah Isaacs, Top Class Pizza & Eatery
Concept: Full Service, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Gourmet Pizza, Italian

“Ever since we switched from Harbortouch to Revention, everything is SO much better. It’s difficult to point out specifics because Revention is such a better system overall, that would be a long list! Even down to things that seem simple, like the images and buttons Revention uses, blow Harbortouch out of the water. Everything is much easier to categorize and much easier to use. And Revention just has so many features that Harbortouch didn’t have. I’d have to say my favorite thing right now about the Revention system is the ability to pull up drink recipes – I’m not a bartender myself, but my bartenders are raving about that feature – it’s very cool! The system is so intuitive, and my entire staff really loves it. We’re extremely happy with our Revention POS.”
Brian O’Shea, SOYO
Concept: Bar
"Harbortouch had bad customer service and their point of sale system was bad, too. We switched to Revention POS because we needed to replace the Harbortouch system with a POS that is stable and reliable. We also didn't want to be locked into merchant service, like we were with Harbortouch. The excellent quality of Revention's customer service was unmatched."

Hard Bean Cafe
Concept: Quick Service
Cuisine: Coffee, Tea, Cafe Fare