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"I switched from Future POS" – Art Goldstein

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"I switched from Future POS to Revention because Future offered no customer support, their hardware was poor, the POS features were weak and the company had no desire to invest in upgrades. My goals were to obtain a more stable POS with enhanced features, more stations, and all at a lower running cost. Revention met all of these goals, as well as had high standards for hardware and customer support. The Revention staff was extremely professional and I would definitely recommend them to others."

Art Goldstein, Southside Flying Pizza

Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I LOVE my Revention system, it's like Christmas in a box! We were using Future POS before and the local support was awful. They weren't readily available and not knowledgable at all. They were a small team and couldn't help solve the issues we were having. Now that we have Revention, I am so thankful that the support is always there. I've had no problems calling in as far as wait time. Everyone I've dealt with is super helpful and resourceful. I've been thumbs upping Revention since day one. Sales is really great too, easy and smooth transition. I'm totally happy!"

Greg Louie, Tommy Jack's Pub
Concept: Bar & Pub
"Future's system was horrible, it wasn't set up right and we were sold an old version of the system. Their Customer Service department was the worst. The system crashed all the time at night and we had to wait until morning to call someone. Because they have resellers, you would have to then wait for a tech to be paged and they would call you back 5 hours later. One of their techs came, crashed the system, and then said 'Sorry I can't fix it'.  I was the one that actually ended up fixing the system! I slept in the restaurant for 3 nights straight and stood in the same spot for 13 hours at a time. Future's sales guy kept calling me every 8 hours to try and sell me a new system- I didn't want it! I finally had to block his calls. He reminded me of a slimy used car salesman. That week I got a call from a sales person at Revention- the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Mistakes have been cut WAY down and there has been a huge drop in the amount of voids and comps. We love Revention so much- even Grandma has nothing but good things to say about it!"

Kortney Cycotte-Gaither
Coney McKane's American Eatery

Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: American

"My former POS, Future, lacked customer support and product functionality. I checked out Revention because I had heard good things about them, and I switched to them because of their excellent customer service and technical support. It's a better POS with better marketing features and I really liked the online ordering and mobile apps they offered. Revention's POS handles inventory, costs, cash management and marketing so well. I am a very satisfied customer."

William Tharp, Papa Luchie's Pizzeria
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"Previously I was using Future POS, but I wanted better inventory and driver mapping features. My other goals were to eliminate employee mistakes and to up my profits. I had heard of Revention's good reputation via websites and magazines, so I checked them out. I was very impressed by the way their POS can scale along with my business, helping me to grow and expand. The customer service is great - I switched."

Guiseppe Favorito, Central Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza