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"I switched from FoodTec..." - Rali Fleming

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"We were already using Revention in our stores when it was decided to switch to Foodtec POS. We quickly discovered that Foodtec did not offer the 24/7/365 support that Revention does – we would have to call, leave a message and wait for them to call us back. Revention also provides more security features, easier order taking and better reporting features than Foodtec. Additionally, Foodtec charged us for everything, where Revention didn’t. We switched back to Revention POS and things run much more smoothly now.”
Sean Brauser, Founder/CEO, Romeo's Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"We decided to switch from Foodtec to Revention for multiple reasons. Revention was recommended to us at the Pizza Expo by many other restaurant owners who raved about their customer support team - a live person answers 24/7. With Foodtec, we always had to leave a message after 6pm and wait for a call back, which was a nightmare when the systems were down.

Revention also has many more security features, easier order taking and better reporting features. Foodtec's reports were difficult and in order to find the information we needed, we had to go to multiple screens. Revention includes a free customer rewards program, free inventory, free employee scheduling, a free marketing module, no gift card fees and a low flat fee for online orders. Before, we had to pay for each one of these options, besides paying a percentage of our web orders.  

As far as functionality, with Foodtec, there was a lot of unnecessary clicking, which made everyday tasks a hassle - such as order taking or taking money from drivers.

Another very important issue for us, as identity theft continues to grow, is that Revention is PCI compliant and is even listed as a verified merchant on both the Visa and MasterCard websites. This ensures our customers' data is protected and eliminates the threat of a system breach.

Even with all of the extra features that we didn't have before, we have a much lower monthly price, which also includes our customer support and unlimited training. We paid more for Foodtec for the support alone, which wasn't as easily accessible as it is with Revention.

We are very thankful that we attended the tradeshow and had the opportunity to hear about Revention from real customers and also had the ability to see their systems live. Check them out for yourself - it will be the best decision you make for your restaurant."

Rali Fleming, Emil's Family Restaurant
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Italian, American
“The first system I used was a Revention system and I loved it. Then last year I was asked to try Foodtec, so I did and was not happy at all with the support. They do not have the 24/7 support team that Revention does. Anytime we call Revention for anything, I know they really care about resolving the issue.

Furthermore, making changes to the menu was difficult, so was pricing, and coupons were especially an issue on Foodtec's system. The layout of the program itself, the look of it, is horrible; not even close to Revention! So - I CAME BACK!! Even the waitstaff said the flow of the ordering system is so much better than Foodtec's. They depend on the easy operation of Revention's terminal when they are slammed!

As operators, we need a PARTNER in our POS system, not just a re-bundler of hardware. Not having to think about or worry about our Revention system gives me peace of mind.” 

Glenn Cybuski, Seasons Pizzeria Sports Bar & Grill, World Pizza Champion
Concept: Full Service, Bar
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza

"I was using Pizza Director by Foodtec previously, but I was ready to invest in a tool that would make my life simpler. I also wanted quality Smartphone app ordering. I switched to Revention for those reasons and more - their software features are state of the art, the all in one design, the fingerprint recognition, ease of use and clean, concise hardware are all things that allow me to remain competitive. All of my questions were answered along the way; Revention's customer service is very good. I would absolutely recommend Revention to others - they made opening my business much easier, allowing me to focus on other issues."

Matt Craig, East of Chicago
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"The main reason I switched was because Revention is a great system at a great price. I connected with a sales executive at a tradeshow and he really stuck to his word. He didn't give me stories - everything was exactly how he said it was going to be. I got to play with the system while I was there and I really liked it. I liked how it is so user friendly and the colors are awesome. You don't even realize how important color is. Revention's HungerRush online ordering is amazing, as well - both visually and functionally.

Since I've started using the Revention system, I've seen how much it is capable of. I can add coupons with ease, and the reports its generates are vital to running a business. I also like the thumbprint access. With Foodtec, it was I-Button access. Employees would lose them all the time, and every time I called to order 20 or so it would be around $400, which was ridiculous.

Foodtec's customer support was only open from 9am to 10pm and they had different tiers; even with their top level of support, you would still need to leave a voicemail and hope for a prompt response. You know, having good people to deal w ith is half the battle. I got good vibes from Revention. My installer was incredibly diligent with the installation of the hardware - all of the cables were zip-tied up and he stayed with my employees to make sure everyone understood how to use the system. I am very happy I  made the switch."

Chris Alexandrou, Giovanni's Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza

"I used Foodtec for many years. Garlic Clove recently moved and expanded our operation to accomodate our customers' growing demand. With this move, I decided to switch to Revention POS. At Garlic Clove, customer service is very mportant to our success. I can say the same of Revention. The Revention team is very interested in learning from me and customizing the new POS to meet the needs of my business."

Chef Jeff Frehof, Garlic Clove Italian Eatery
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Italian

"Before our switch to Revention, we used Foodtec and we can say from experience that Revention is the best solution for us. We wanted a system with a precise marketing platform that we could use on demand. We also wanted a reliable system with 24 hour support that met all of our administrative demands, was user friendly, and easy to train our staff on. Revention gave us all of the above. The system virtually pays for itself! From the administrative functions to the money-making dynamic marketing tools and cutting edge technology, look no further than Revention!"

Scott Cosentino, Goodfella's
Concept: Full Service, Delivery
Cuisine: Italian, Pizza
"I was using Foodtec POS prior to Revention, but I felt I wasn't making the profit I should have been. I switched to Revention because after seeing everything it could do, I knew the missing profit I had been wanting would start coming in with this POS. I was treated very well throughout the sales, installation and training process. I would definitely recommend Revention to others. Keep up the good work, Revention!"

Ender Sohin, Andy's Pizzeria
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I was using Foodtec's Pizza Director, but I didn't like their customer support. Another company I know in the business had positive things to say about Revention and their support, so I decided to check them out. I switched to Revention because it was clear very early on that Revention's support team was great (and to this day has been amazing), and the system's order entry features would make the job very easy on my employees. All steps along the way have been handled wonderfully."

Adam Henry, East of Chicago
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza