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"I switched from Firefly" – Jason Bendinelli

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"We had used Firefly in the past, but we wanted a POS system with a smoother operation, better marketing tools, user friendly management tools and solid back office features. We chose Revention because the whole package, down to the overall look of the system, was so much better and more user friendly. The POS incorporates so many great business tools. We were treated wonderfully by the Revention staff throughout the sales, installation and training process - everyone was very helpful. We would 100% recommend Revention to other owner/operators out there."

Jason Bendinelli, Back to the Roots
Concept: Fast Casual, Retail Clothing Shop
Cuisine: Sandwiches, Sushi, Cafe Fare
“We stuck by our previous POS system for 10 years hoping it would get better but it never did. I used to spend hours, sometimes WEEKS making menu edits, per terminal, that it just became exhausting. We’re a growing business and we quickly recognized we needed a better solution that could handle our expansion. Revention has everything we need to ensure quality assurance with our products and most importantly, it just works! I don’t spend hours on making menu changes anymore, the online ordering is well received amongst our customers and we love how easy the system is to use.” 


Matt Ulrey, Flyers Pizza

Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza, Subs

"I have found that for us Revention is the perfect fit. We switched over to Revention from Firefly POS after having installed the competitor’s system only 6 months before.THE SWITCH WAS WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!! 

We did not have a good experience with Firefly at all. It was hard to program, had many systems faults, and zero technical service."

Sam Saigh, Extreme Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“We’ve been using Revention for 5 years, but before Revention we were using Firefly. The Firefly POS was seriously outdated – it was essentially just a cash register. We shopped around for a while, and at the Pizza Expo that year we had a chance to demo in person the systems we were interested in. We’d narrowed it down to Revention, Aloha, and one other system that I can no longer recall. Revention outshined all of the other POS systems we saw, and so we switched.
The transition went as smoothly as you could expect – the change from one to the other was so drastic that naturally we ran into a few bumps along the way. But overall, very smooth! The staff picked it up rapidly and we were able to stay open the entire time during the installation & training – we never skipped a beat and never missed a sale.
Once Revention was installed, the difference was like night and day. Firefly ran on a DOS operating system, which is antiquated technology at this point; Revention runs on a Windows based operating system, which is obviously so much better. The platform is extremely stable and the dependability of the Revention system is unsurpassed. The real time dashboard feature is awesome, and the reporting functionality is incredible. I especially love the end of day sales reports and it’s great that the reports are so customizable that you can find out absolutely anything you might want to know. The Revention POS is also very flexible and the 24/7customer support is excellent. We’ve just started using HungerRush online ordering and we love that too. Several restaurant operator friends will be installing Revention systems in the coming months, based on my glowing recommendations!”

Tom Levesque, Vince's Pasta & Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza, Pasta
”Our Firefly system simply could not handle our fast-paced business. The Revention POS is a real asset for our pizzeria. Cash control with our Firefly system was non-existent; ticket prices changed from one screen to another and we were unable to track our cash effectively. The Firefly system went down repeatedly at our crucial business times and the customer service would comment, ‘We’ll look into it’. Revention came to our rescue! Revention has more advanced tools, the easiest order entry, and marketing features no other POS solution provides. Revention’s manned call center with 24/7 LIVE customer service is always available to assist us no matter what time, day, or night. No voicemails! We can manage and grow our business to the next level, thanks to Revention.”
Kim Santamassino, Nicky’s World Famous Pizzeria
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“I switched to Revention because I wanted a better POS than my Firefly system, which gave me constant problems, was not user friendly, and the customer service was just bad, among other things. The Revention staff was so friendly throughout the sales, installation and training process and the POS is SO easy to use."

Grant Arons, Farley's Pizzeria
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"Our Firefly POS equipment was failing and we wanted to switch to a solid running system. We met the Revention staff at a Vegas tradeshow and right away we could tell that they were very personable and interested in selling us a quality system. We could see how user friendly the software was and the technician staff had great responses to all of our questions. We really liked the graphics and the freedom and flexability to change things on the fly if we needed to. We would recommend Revention technology to others based on the flexability capabilities alone!"

Ronnie Blankenship, Fat Cat Pizzeria #3
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"Prior to Revention I was using Firefly POS, but I wanted a system that was easier to use, easier to understand, and that would provide maximum internal security features. I also wanted more cash and inventory control and a stronger delivery system. I chose Revention because the company provides all of that, and also has a very strong development department, which is important to me. Revention's customer support is also very strong. I use Revention POS in all three of my restaurants - Tavern I, Tavern II and Tavern South."

Chuck Celsi, Tavern Restaurants
Concept: Full Service, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza, Pasta, Chicken, Family Style
"We were using Firefly POS, but we switched to Revention because we wanted fewer order entry mistakes and to speed up the order entry process. Using Revention is, to me, common sense - comparitively, the Revention system is like night and day over their competition."

Yiannis Fragkiadakis, Manny & Olga's
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I was using Firefly POS, but I was tired of having no customer support and dealing with their unwillingness to help. I switched to Revention because I wanted to be more efficient, better marketing features, and customer service that will actually be there when I need them."

Shawn Virk, Romio's Pizza & Pasta
Concept: Delivery Take Out, Full Service, Bar, Catering
Cuisine: Italian
"Previously we were using Firefly POS, but the system was junk. We wanted a POS that could help us more quickly and efficiently serve our customers. I'd heard good reviews of Revention's POS from several other restaurants and decided to switch. The transition from Firefly to Revention was so simple; my employees caught on to the new software easily..."

Chris Galea, G's Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out, Fast Casual
Cuisine: Pizza, Subs, Ribs