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"I switched from Digital Dining..." - Victor Litwineko

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"I was using Digital Dining at my 2 other Jupiter locations, but for my 3rd I wanted to make sure I got the absolute best POS for my concept, because Digital Dining was not it. I was impressed by Revention's layout and amount of features available, and the ease of use was great. I really liked the software; it clearly better fit my needs. Revention also offered the mobile POS, which I really wanted. Revention's staff was great through the whole process."

Victor Litwineko, Jupiter Pizza & Waffle Co.
Concept: Full Serve, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza, Waffles, Variety

"Digital Dining was difficult, time consuming and their customer support was limited. We switched to Revention because we wanted a system that was easier to use, had online ordering capabilities, caused us less headaches and had a staff that was easier to communicate with. We looked at both Micros and Aloha, but Revention provides a POS system that fits us and will grow with us. The customer support team always has the willingness to work WITH us, not against us. Revention is so much more accomodating to our needs, requests and requirements than Digital Dining was.

Revention works for us, and we are as complicated as you can get. Keep up the good work!"

Emily Hua, Takara Japanese Restaurant
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Japanese & Sushi Bar
"Prior to Revention I was using Digital Dining, but it was time to upgrade. Ever since I switched to Revention, I've had far fewer operational errors, particularly when it comes to issues like false credit card charges - those were a big problem with Digital Dining. Training the staff was so simple because Revention is a lot easier to learn and use, which of course the staff loves, as well. Since I'm a numbers guy, I'd have to say my favorite feature of the POS is the reporting capabilities. I can run a report on basically anything I can think of!"

Ted Baker, Revelry on Richmond
Concept: Nightclub, Bar

"I was using Digital Dining previously.  They promised us the stars, but it never really happened. Digital Dining was incredibly obtuse, honestly. With Digital Dining we had to forsake delivery entry altogether and do it with pen and paper. Revention gives us the capability to handle high volume delivery and carryout, which has been a big part of Mother Bear’s growth. 

Furthermore, Revention promised an ease of operation that proved absolutely true when put into action. The intuitive aspect of Revention’s system is just incredible. A few minutes of training is all it takes!  5-15 minutes of training and a person can be on the floor using the system. The ease of operation is phenomenal.  It also gives us the ability to recapture tip allocations and food costs easily and effectively, which streamlines my business. The software truly pays for itself."  

Ray McConn, Mother Bear’s
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"My main objective in selecting to Revention was to save money and have an easier system for my employees to learn. I switched from Digital Dining because it was outdated. Revention seemed newer, and appeared to be the best out of all the other POS companies I researched."

Kelly McCarty, Hull’s Landing
Concept: Full Service, Bar, Nightclub
Cuisine: Seafood, American 

"Digital Dining was inefficient, confusing, not user friendly, and their customer support was unhelpful. We switched to Revention because we wanted to improve efficiency, receive better customer service, and have a POS that was easier to use. We also wanted online ordering, which Revention also provided. I could not ask for better customer service than what I get from Revention. Revention's POS does everything a restaurant operator wants a POS to do...and more!"

Vincent Caltagirone, Golden Crust Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I switched from Digital Dining to Revention because I wanted a more efficient POS system with better reporting functionality and inventory tracking. Digital Dining also had poor customer support. I was very impressed with the ease of use and reports that Revention offered.The transition went great. My installer was amazing - very helpful."

Laurie Sawyer, Franchisee, Pudgie's Pizza, Pasta & Subs
Concept: Delivery, Take Out, Quick Service
Cuisine: Italian

"Prior to Revention we were using Digital Dining, but the system was just SO old. It was showing signs of a major breakdown coming soon and we knew it was time for something more up to date. We met the Revention staff at the Pizza Expo and they were so friendly and knowledgable about their product. The ease of use was immediately obvious from the demo - the POS was so much easier to use than our old Digital Dining system. Everything was terrific throughout the sales, installation and training process. The Revention staff was very professional and ever since they have been great!"

Gerry Bartolomei, Al & Leda's Pizza Villa
Concept: Full Service, Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza