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"I switched from Diamond Touch..." - Joe Moore

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“Our previous point of sale, Diamond Touch, was outdated and didn’t have the capabilities we were looking for to allow our business to grow. Online ordering was a big factor in choosing Revention. We knew we were missing out on a huge revenue source and we needed to tap into it quickly. Revention is so easy, the online ordering integration couldn’t be any more seamless; the order comes through to the kitchen printers and we get to work. The system is intuitive and straight forward, it’s pretty hard to mess anything up. I like that I can pull the monthly reports for my executive team and see how the store is doing on a daily basis. The driver dispatch reminders is a great feature,  it reminds our drivers of the smaller items included in an order improving customer satisfaction and delivery efficiency.”

Joey Molina, iFratelli
Concept: Delivery
Cuisine: Pizza
"We switched from Diamond Touch because we wanted to grow and we felt their POS didn't have everything we needed. Revention is amazing! No issues in the first 90 days after installation, and we are absolutely in love with their online ordering system (HungerRush). It matches the brand of our website and we managed to cut out those expensive GrubHub orders by providing coupons for customers to order directly from us. Thank you Revention!"

Jenna Gathercole, Falbo Bros. Pizzeria
Concept: Delivery, Carry Out, Fast Casual
Cuisine: Pizzeria
"After fourteen months of continuous struggles and costly frustrations with my Diamond Touch system, we converted to Revention. Revention is by far a superior product and has greatly enhanced our ability to effectively manage operations. Having learned from my own personal mistake of initially choosing a lower priced POS, I highly recommend Revention for any restaurant operation that requires higher technology to increase their bottom line."

Joe Moore, Tortora's
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Italian

"We had Diamond Touch for two and a half years, and from the moment we started with them we had a difficult time. There were lots of technical problems and their customer service was absolutely terrible. Even though we were paying a monthly fee for the service, whenever I called they either took forever to answer or didn't answer at all, so I'd have to wait for a call back. Very unprofessional.

They would promise things and never follow through with them, despite charging us an arm and a leg for everything. It was horrible. Here's just one example - When PCI compliancy became an issue and it came time for us to upgrade, they wanted to charge me $7,000 for that, which was ridiculous. While I was at this year's Pizza Expo show in Las Vegas I decided to go discuss this with the Diamond Touch owner. He promised me a discount, so I felt a little better. I noticed Revention at the Pizza Expo show, as well, and I liked what I saw. Once I returned home from the tradeshow, I received a bill from Diamond Touch that was significantly higher than what we discussed. I found this extremely unprofessional, dishonest and cunning on their part. This is just one issue of many, but it was the last straw - I decided to call Revention. 

Revention is a much better system all around. It's very easy to work with, very complete. Customers love that they can see how much they owe when they are checking out. Order entry is excellent; it's so much easier to put in an order on the Revention POS and the screen and monitor are so much better, everything looks nice and clear. The reporting features and closing paperwork are awesome - instead of having to batch credit cards separately and all of that, with Revention is just one touch, one click, and you've closed out the day. It's so much easier to work with on every level, really.

Revention also offers the the iPhone app for mobile online ordering and Diamond Touch didn't have that capability. Revention's online ordering is so much better and the all in one integration makes everything really simple. And best of all, when I call Revention's customer service department, someone ALWAYS answers the phone and helps me right away. I feel very taken care of."

Jay Jahanarai, Brizio
Concept: Delivery Carry Out
Cuisine: Chicago Style Pan Pizza
"Prior to switching to Revention I was using Diamond Touch in all 10 of my locations, but I wasn't happy with the system. I was interested in online ordering and Diamond Touch didn't offer that. I also wanted to become PCI compliant and knew that PCI compliancy was important to Revention. I had looked at Revention's POS system at the Pizza Expo tradeshow in Las Vegas and I really liked it. Since I was was looking for a good online ordering platform, I decided to research Revention's apps in the Apple store to get a feel for the HungerRush product. Revention's HungerRush had the most apps in the store and the customer reviews of the apps were consistently positive, unlike other companies I saw. I was sold.

I'm about to open my 11th Reginelli's location, and Revention will not only be installed there, but I also plan to systematically switch all of my other stores to Revention over time."

Darrell Reginelli, Reginelli's
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I was using Diamond Touch in my store, but the system was very outdated and it was time to upgrade to something better. Another Giovanni's location was already using Revention, so I was able to go check it out myself.

I played around with the system and liked it immediately. Soon after we made the switch to Revention POS. It's so much easier to work with than Diamond Touch and visually it blows Diamond Touch out of the water - Revention's software has a lot more graphics and it's much more colorful to look at, and I really like that."

Todd Brown, Giovanni's 
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"I made the switch from Diamond Touch to Revention because I needed a POS solution that could adapt to my company's fast paced growth. Revention provided me with a POS Solution that has the flexability to keep up with my company's growth. Their programming department has worked directly with me to add custom features to my POS that make my operation more effective. Their order entry is easier than any other POS system I have ever seen. The coupon feature helps eliminate employee mistakes by checking for over discounting and coupon abuse.

Revention POS helps me improve customer service, cut down on our order time, eliminate mistakes, and increase profits. Revention's level of service means LIVE 27/7/365 Tech Support. Revention's support staff is there if I need them - no leaving messages, no unreturned phone calls, and no down time."

Ben Abassi, Sicily Pizza & Pasta
Concept: Full Service, Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine, Italian, Pizza

“We used Diamond Touch by Granbury and it was not the best experience. We had been using Aldelo POS for 2 years before Diamond Touch, but we weren’t happy with that system at all. We met with the men of Diamond Touch POS in February 2012, who showed us a demonstration of their products at a pizza convention. We were shown what it could do for us and we made a deal; they sold us on their system and we decided to replace Aldelo.

When the Diamond Touch installer came to set up the equipment, we were hoping the install would be quick - we only had 3 days with him to properly train me and the rest of my staff. I wanted to make sure I had it down before he left. After those 3 days passed, we knew Diamond Touch was not the POS system to take our store to the next level. It just did not fit, and the installer could tell as well. The software was just not for us.

Diamond Touch tried everything to get me to stay with them, but I just couldn't. I took a $3,000 dollar loss by sending the equipment back, but it didn't matter because I knew I would be losing more if I kept them. We sadly hooked our Aldelo system back up and I knew right then who I needed to call and who I should have called in the first place - Revention

I had used Revention before, at my last pizzeria job, and I remembered how much I liked it and how easy it was to use - I had to get that for my store. I felt like an idiot that I hadn't went with my gut and used Revention in the first place. I knew from then on that we were going to use nothing but Revention.

I am so glad I made the right choice. Revention is the best system for Slice of the 80's and one of the best decisions I've made to help grow our pizzeria into what it is today. I don't think we could have gotten so far so quickly if we hadn't had a system like this. Our 5 year anniversary is this weekend and I'm happy to say that Revention will be there to celebrate with us!"

Adam Matt, Slice of the 80's
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"We opened our first store with Diamond Touch, but customer support was non-existent. We switched to Revention because we liked how simple and easy to use the system was, and we wanted a POS that we could grow with. We installed Revention in every store we opened after that."

Rob Raia, Borriello Brothers
Concept: Fast Casual
Cuisine: Pizza

"My old Diamond Touch POS system seemed antiquated and had limited reporting features, so I decided it was time to make a step up from Diamond Touch. I chose to switch to Revention because I really liked the marketing features, reporting packages and the potential for customization. The whole process was excellent - I would recommend Revention POS to others."

Todd Crabtree, Giovanni's
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I switched to Revention from Diamond Touch because my old POS system was plagued with problems and the technology was very old. Revention has treated me very well."

Dimitrios Arvanitopoulos, 2 Brothers Pizza and Mexican
Concept: Full Service, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Mexican, Pizza