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"I switched from Aloha..." - Larkin Stallings

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“We switched to Revention because our previous system while being a main player in the industry was built on legacy technologies and supported by a company that could not fix major issues. This means they could not reliably meet our needs. Revention is built on current technologies and supported by a company that not only can support it but does so with enthusiasm.  Overall we needed a system that could handle our high volume not only in sales but in the amount of staff we employ. The hardware is reliable to withstand outside weather conditions and kitchen areas without interrupting orders. This is critical with a seasonal operation where most of our revenue is produced on a limited number of days. Any downtime greatly affects the net profits. Switching to Revention has allowed us to be up and running during the most critical times maintaining maximum profit. Being seasonal also means lots of new staff at the same time. The Revention GUI flow is easy and fast to learn for new staff which also increases efficiency and profits."

Monty Matteson, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Concept: Amusement Park
“I switched from using Aloha (Radiant) POS. They just weren’t doing it for me anymore. Customer support kept dropping the ball and it just got to a point that I needed something better. From the get-go, I noticed a big difference with Revention. Our installers were amazing and it always helps out that both Revention and I are local to each other. They helped us tremendously in helping us to switch locations swiftly and to get our business back up and running. Revention is Great.”

Maxine Davis, Ray's Real Pit BBQ Shack
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: BBQ
“I have been seriously looking at Revention for a couple of years. Initially, in our research, my partners and I had our doubts, thinking there really couldn’t be that much difference between one POS to the other, but we later found out that there is, and the difference is bigger than we immagined. We were originally using Aloha with a few issues here and there, but when we finally sat down with the team at Revention, I realized the issues could not only be resolved but they could be eliminated altogether. My partners wanted to go with the fad of cloud-based systems, mainly becasue of the lower initial investment and the idea that all your data is protected and accessible through the cloud, which also led to some other key flaws of cloud systems. I’m so glad I (and my account manager) deviated from the cloud solution and fought to keep the Revention as a running finalist in our picking. We manage the smaller store of my three locations and we are projected to be more profitable than the larger stores. The ROI is real and when I vetted them I put them through the ringer. They not only aced the test but put in extra credit in all the areas Aloha lacked i.e. training, post installs communication, online ordering, service, mobile ready sites, and a high level of communication that is rarely seen nowadays. I could only imagine what the cloud companies would have scored. It was an easy decision after that to let them have my other stores because if they treated a new construction this way I could only imagine what a running business can achieve. Did I mention that with these results I expect my rank on the Top 100 should be much higher? Take the path less traveled and come over to Revention. The grass is so green.”

Gwen Page, Fong’s Pizza
Concept: Carry Out; Fast Casual; Bar
Cuisine: Pizza
“We switched to Revention because of the ease of use and the ability to utilize a speed bar. Revention is better than Aloha by a long shot. It is 100% better especially in regards to customer support, training and professionalism. The Customer Support team is very easy to get a hold of. I would tell anyone who is looking that they can't go wrong with Revention. They are there to help and have been the easiest system to work with.”

Allen Flores, Shark Shack
Cuisine: Bar
"Aloha offered no tech support for their product and the software was outdated. Revention provides better reports, better controls, better systems and better tech support. Very impressed by Revention's installation, ease of operation, POS design and presentation. Extremely professional rollout!"

Dan Vogelsang, Los Tios
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Mexican
"We were using Aloha but it kept shutting down on us. We needed a better system, and Revention had the best price, best functionality and was the most simple to use. The overall system function was very impressive. Great customer service!"

Herb Taylor, Ray's BBQ Shack
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: BBQ
"Antiquated is the best word I can use to describe the Aloha system. The reporting wasn't very good either, so we decided to switch. The Revention system is so much more user-friendly- my staff and I are very happy with it. I've also had really good  luck with calling into Revention's Customer Service department compared to Aloha's."

Shawn Weber, Wine on Third
Concept: Full Service, Bar
Cuisine: Fine Dining, Tapas, Wine

“Prior to Revention we were using Aloha, but it wasn’t a good fit – we needed something more up to date. We got that and so much more when we switched to Revention. Not only is the technology more cutting edge, but the system is just so user friendly – much easier to use than Aloha. Ease of use is really the main thing with me – it’s difficult for me to put into words just how user friendly Revention is, honestly! I really like how fast the system is, as well, and the biometric fingerprint reader is awesome (and cool!). Revention is the absolute perfect POS system for us – I couldn’t ask for better.”
Mike Conforti, P’s & Q’s Autobody
Featured in Season 4, Episode 1 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Social Club
"Prior to Revention I was using Aloha, but that system was not user friendly and I was unhappy with their customer service. When I experienced an issue and needed them the most, I called their customer service department for assistance and it literally took them 3 weeks to get back to me. That was unacceptable. When I heard that Revention's customer service had a wait time of 30-60 seconds, I was sold. Revention has a lot of excellent features, but my favorite thing about them is still their excellent customer service. As an owner, there's a real sense of peace of mind there, and that's important to me.

As far as the POS itself is concerned, I love the dashboard and the system's ability to send emails to me with store details and updates. The labor management component is amazing and the system as a whole is incredibly intuitive. Revention's POS has so much capablity, so many features - Aloha just didn't offer advanced tools like these. The Reventon system lives up to all of my expectations and is everything Revention said it would be - and more. It is a great POS system and we truly love it."

John Martin, Drifters Marina & Grill
Concept: Full Service
Cuisine: Seafood
"We switched from Aloha to Revention for ease of use. There were so many things that we had to do with Aloha that would just make us pull our hair out. With Revention there’s a sense of relief each day you walk in because your POS is one less problem you have to worry about."

Frank Salamone, Mamma Mia's
Concept: Delivery Carry Out, Full Service
Cuisine: Italian
"Previously Wild West had been using Aloha POS, but Revention caught the attention of our owners at this year's NIghtclub & Bar Tradeshow in Las Vegas. They really liked the demo they were shown there. Wild West's goals were to increase sales and productivity and we switched to Revention to achieve those goals."

Tamara Blackburn, Wild West
Concept: NIghtclub, Bar, Dance Club
"Aloha was a terrible POS system and we were ready to be upgraded. We switched to Revention POS because the system offers easier operation and better reporting functionality. The Revention system is so user friendly and the installation and training went awesome!"

William Lohr, Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill
Concept: Bar, Full Service
Cuisine: Pub Fare, Specialty Cocktails, Draft Beer
"I was using Aloha POS, but that system was not user friendly and outdated. I switched to Revention because they offered everything I was looking for in a new POS system: 24/7/365 technical support, easy menu set up and manageable menu features, as well as a system that was server-friendly. During the sales process, Revention's employees were easily reachable by phone and once I saw the live demo, I was sold. The simplicity of use and ease of set up impressed me. The process from start to finish was so easy and I would definitely recommend Revention POS to others."

Kyle Dehmlow, Social House Bar
Concept: Bar
"Previously I was using Aloha, but the system did not do the job! I switched to Revention because I wanted to make order entry and delivery easier for my staff. Revention fit my business needs best out of all the other POS companies I considered. With Revention we got everything we needed!"

Ernest Safady, Owner, Bobby Lupo's NY Style Pizzeria
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"Previously, Aloha POS was the system I was using, but they offered no technical support. I switched to Revention POS because the technology was innovative, the management and marketing tools were great, and they offered online ordering, which I wanted very  much. The sales, installation and training process with Revention was great! I would recommend the company to people I know."

Nick Pencis, Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q
Concept: Full Service, Bar, Catering
Cuisine: BBQ, Homestyle
"Before Revention we were using Aloha, but we really wanted a more universal system. Revention provided that element and more - the system was user friendly, offered real time inventory control, clear & concise reporting features, and great back up support. During the process of switching we were treated excellently - Revention's staff is accessible and can be contacted directly, and they show personal care with every situation."

Iain Evans, Main Street America
Concept: Quick Service
"I switched from Aloha to Revention because I wanted to minimize POS issues and maximize my potential. Revention offered competitive rates, provided hands-on training in-house, and Revention is just easier to work with in general."

Andrew Coe, Luke's Icehouse
Concept: Bar

"I was using Aloha POS but it had very limited functionality. I switched to Revention because not only did their POS provide those functions I was looking for, but the system also increased speed, efficiency and gave me a better overall view of my business. The most impressive features to me were the caller ID capablities, split check function, and the general interface of the software. Revention POS is a good system and they are a nice company to work with."

Josh Jacobsen, Lucky Wishbone
Concept: Quick Service, Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Chicken, American

“We considered Aloha Radiant when making the decision for Russo’s POS, but Revention’s operating platform blew us away. Our goals were functionality, ease of operation and a solid delivery mapping solution, all of which we achieved when we selected Revention.  The sales team was prompt and courteous. Revention is a great product, and I would definitely recommend their POS system to others.”

Chef Anthony Russo, Russo’s New York Pizzeria
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"My previous POS system was Aloha but it just wasn't working for me anymore. It was time to get a clean start with a brand new system. I wanted better delivery and inventory features, as well as online ordering and mobile apps - Revention delivered on all counts. The installation and training process went great...

Bo Summers, GameTime Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out, Fast Casual
Cuisine: Pizza, Salad

“After years of research, I made the switch to Revention because of the system’s ease of use. Revention is more user friendly than any other system I’ve worked with, hands down. I’ve tried Micros, Aloha and Digital Dining, but none of them could encompass our needs, our format, our brand – they just couldn’t do it, or if they could, it was a complete headache and not worth it.

Working with Aloha was a nightmare. I was calling their tech support constantly and even the tech support staff couldn’t successfully deal with my calls. You practically have to be an IT tech yourself to even run Aloha’s program.

With Revention, it’s exactly the opposite – it’s so simple and efficient. The other POS companies also lacked the biometric fingerprint authentication feature that Revention provides. We saw labor drop 10% right away because of this feature! We immediately saw a 15% - 25% increase in sales, too. Revention has really paid off for us.

Revention is so much more user friendly than any other POS system I’ve ever seen – I call it Aloha on steroids!”  

Troy Guidash, Electric Cowboy

Concept: Bar, Nightclub
"Aloha offered poor reporting and a lack of flexibility with customer requests. I switched Lazy Moon to Revention because the system offered a better ease of use and more efficient reporting. Revention was also the most open to technological advancement."

Tim Brown, Lazy Moon
Concept: Bar, Full Service
Cuisine: Pizza, Beer
"Price and effectiveness of the delivery aspect were the two most important issues for me when I switched from Aloha to Revention.  Before the switch, my reporting was off, my employees were frustrated, and I was unable to efficiently keep track and dispatch my deliveries.

The delivery module of Revention has been a huge upgrade from our previous system and the delivery wait time has improved. Delivery restaurants can definitely benefit from a system like Revention." 

Corey Rimmel, Owner, Hot Box Cookies
Concept: Delivery, Take Out, Quick Service
Cuisine: Cookies, Desserts
"We were using Aloha Radiant at our other location, but I lost trust in Aloha after they pushed software on me that wasn't ready to be marketed, which disrupted my business. I had heard of Revention's good reputation and after talking to the Revention staff I decided to switch. Everyone I spoke to made me feel very comfortable and no one ever talked down to me, in spite of my computer limitations. Revention gave me confidence. My goals when selecting a new POS were to increase sales and the efficiency of my staff. I also wanted strong marketing features and to stop internal theft. Revention helped me achieve these goals. I feel now we have all the tools we need to succeed!"

Christopher Ward, Bailey's Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

“Previously I owned an Aloha system, but I switched to Revention because I wanted an updated POS with better functions and better customer support. Revention’s system is part of the new wave of technology, as well as both user friendly and business savvy. The cost was better than Aloha’s, too!”  

Will Dodd, Boneheads

Concept: Fast Casual
Cuisine: Fresh Seafood, Chicken

“I switched my locations from Aloha to Revention because I needed my system to be reliable. Once I saw how easy it was to use, it was a done deal. Not only does Revention have more features than Aloha, but it also has seamlessly integrated online ordering with HungerRush. You can access a customer’s entire order history at the push of a button. The only thing easier than training new employees how to use the system is making menu changes on the fly. Revention is a breeze for us. Revention has made our lives much easier!” 

Sam Mangano, Famous Original Ray’s
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
“I was looking for a POS system that could give me better information about my deliveries.  After looking at the Revention system, I felt confident that this system could give me better information than I was getting from my old Aloha system.  Delivery is a large part of my business and the better information I can get from my POS system, the better I can serve my customers.
Aloha was not doing what I needed to do. They have a delivery component called Aloha Takeout that they sort of stuck onto Aloha. It didn’t interface properly and caused all sorts of problems. I knew I needed a new POS, so I did my homework and asked lots of questions. Every time I asked Ross at Revention if the system could do this or that, the answer was always yes! I was specifically interested in being able to see reports of when deliveries were going out, so I could see what was or wasn’t going out on time. With Revention, I can see this anytime I want and go as far back as I want. I can even run a query that shows me specific employees that are consistently delivering late. With Aloha, I could only look at delivery times for one day, which didn’t do me much good! Aloha is just a dealer, they are not the ones creating the software. Every time there was an issue, I would call and they would say: 'Oh I have to ask Aloha.' With Revention, they create the software, hardware, and even have their own integrated online and mobile ordering software. Revention has been great every step of the way, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants their business to succeed!!”        

Bob Aures, Pizza del Aureos
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"We were using Aloha, but their service was very bad and we felt it was time for a change. We demo'd about a dozen POS companies and Revention had the most options and features; it was also the easiest to operate. Everyone at Revention was excellent during the sales, installation and training process. The installation was fast, the menu was 90% built before arrival, and ever since the customer service has been amazing. Revention is SO much better than any other POS we have ever encountered."

Jason Mazzaro, J.Roo's Restaurant & Bar
Concept: Full Service, Delivery, Bar, Catering
Cuisine: Italian, Sub Sandwiches
“In the past I’ve used Aloha Radiant, but in my experience it is far inferior to Revention, for many reasons. Ease of use, the marketing features, inventory – I could go on and on. Also, Revention’s support team is absolutely wonderful. Revention’s system quite simply does more and offers more than Radiant ever could. With the help of Revention, I’ve gone from operating an independent single unit pizzeria to running an extremely profitable business on the brink of franchise expansion.”  

Mark Jones, Leon Gessi New York Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza