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"I switched from Aldelo..." - Ron Elia

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"Aldelo had terrible tech support. It was really just a sloppy system over all - I hated it. I switched to Revention because they offer 24/7/365 support that WORKS, as well as supplemental training over the phone. Revention is easier to use and far more efficient, which saves me money. The inventory features are better, too. I love their online ordering product, HungerRush - no other POS company could offer me what Revention could in terms of integrated online ordering and Smart Phone mobile apps. I would definitely recommend Revention to others - once you know what Revention can do, anyone with common sense would realize that Revention is the best choice."

Ron Elia, Pizza 1
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"Before Revention we were using the Aldelo POS system, but it just wasn't working to our benefit.  We decided we wanted to upgrade to a better system - to something we actually liked. So we switched to Revention!

All of the features and reporting capabilities are so much better and Revention is very easy to use; training the staff on it was so simple. My favorite feature is the delivery module - it is absolutely awesome. We do a lot of deliveries, so it was extremely important that our POS have excellent delivery features. Revention's delivery module is just so great. I also love the fingerprint reader; it keeps my employees from clocking in for each other and that sort of thing. And Revention's support team is always so helpful.

Initially I was concerned that the switch from Aldelo to Revention would be complicated, but it really wasn't. The switch went really well. We're happy!"

Ariana Arroyo, Gus's New York Pizza & Bar
Concept: Delivery, Take Out, Bar
Cuisine: Pizza
"Prior to switching to Revention I was using Aldelo. Aldelo was extremely slow and the POS had a lot of bugs; it shut down on me a lot. The Aldelo system became a very old and tired machine - I needed something faster and better, so I switched to Revention. The speed of Revention's system is really great and I like the mapping features a lot, as well. I believe customer support is an important aspect of this industry, and it's so refreshing to be able to call Revention's support team and get a live person on the line immediately."

John Vargas, Bada Bing!
Concept: Delivery Carry Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"We had been using Aldelo POS for 2 years, but the system was very hard to navigate. We were getting busier, so I didn't have time to keep navigating my POS sytem and continually make notes that I had to reference later in order to use it. After trying another competitor (Diamond Touch), I knew within 3 days that it couldn't take our store to the next level either. I knew from then on that we were going to get nothing but Revention; I used it at Hungry Howie's in the past and it was the easiest and simplest POS system I had ever used. I felt like an idiot because I hadn't went with my gut and used Revention in the first place. 

Revention is so much easier to navigate than Aldelo and extremely easy to learn - POS qualities I wanted both for myself and for my employees. The POS software is amazing! Revention allows me to have more control over the entire operation of my store. Revention is still one of the best systems and best decisions I've made to help grow our pizzeria into what it is today. I don't think we could have gotten so far so quickly if we hadn't had a POS system like this. Our 5 year anniversary is this weekend and I am happy to say that Revention will be there to celebrate with us!"

Adam Matt, Slice of the 80's
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"I was using Aldelo POS, but their system was not very efficient, especially for my concept. I switched to Revention because their POS system offered more functionality, easier system operation, better food cost and control, and more impressive customer marketing features than Aldelo did. I also wanted integrated online ordering, which Revention also provides. The reporting features really impressed me, too. The process and transition to Revention was excellent -  I would recommend Revention POS to others."

Sergio Madrid, Papa Joe's Pizza
Concept: Delivery, Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"Before I switched to Revention I was using Aldelo POS. With Aldelo, there were a lot of system restrictions and incapabilities. My main focus when looking for a new POS for New River was on better marketing features, better delivery features, and more control over the system. Revention offered all of this, and also offered several features that no other POS company could even provide. The company has treated me very well..."

Randy Wilcox, New River Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"Aldelo was the worst POS software and didn't work AT ALL for my business. I switched to Revention because I wanted to establish the most efficient POS solution for my type of concept. I needed to simplify and organize my business, which Revention helped me do. The marketing features are really great and I love the smart coupons and easy user interface of Revention's system. Revention's sales team was amazing at answering my questions during the sales process (and I had millions of them). When it was time for installation, the Revention installer/trainer I had was hands down AMAZING. She was able to turn my manager, who is not tech-savvy, into a wiz at the POS system. This meant the world to me. I would definitely recommend Revention to other store owners - customer satisfaction is top notch!"

Andy Nannoshi, Uncle Andy's Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out, Quick Service
Cuisine: Pizza, Grinders, Salad, Wings