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"I switched back... the grass was not greener"

“We first got Revention back in 2008 and were extremely happy. We opened a new location in 2014 and thought we’d try the cloud-based systems that were trending. The iPads were constantly crashing, freezing, and disconnecting from the Wi-Fi for the first three weeks of opening. It was a complete disaster! Then, in 2016, we decided to go back to an on-premise system and were convinced to give Focus a try. However, once again, we found that the grass was not greener. We found our POS system would fall way behind unless we put several hours a week into make sure all the products were built properly, and this was just at one store. We were desperate to go back to what works the best in the pizza industry: REVENTION! I am done searching for the perfect POS for 575 Pizzeria. We’ve had it twice in Revention and now we’ll have it for the third time and forever.” 

Brian Kelleher, Owner, 575 Pizzeria

Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza

"I switched from Revention to Micros and back to Revention because I was looking for a more efficient and user friendly POS system. Micros was horrible, and they didn't offer online ordering or mobile apps. Revention's sales process, as well as installation and training, were all fantastic; my installer was awesome and made the whole transition go very smoothly. I would definitely recommend Revention POS to others!"

Kevin Moss, Franchisee, Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe
Concept: Quick Service, Delivery
Cuisine: Gourmet Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Pizza 

"We were already using Revention in our stores when it was decided to switch to Foodtec POS. We quickly discovered that Foodtec did not offer the 24/7/365 support that Revention does – we would have to call, leave a message and wait for them to call us back. Revention also provides more security features, easier order taking and better reporting features than Foodtec. Additionally, Foodtec charged us for everything, where Revention didn’t. We switched back to Revention POS and things run much more smoothly now.”
Sean Brauser, Founder/CEO, Romeo's Pizza
Concept: Delivery Take Out
Cuisine: Pizza
"The first system I used was a Revention system and I loved it. Then I was asked to try Foodtec, so I did and I was not happy at all with the support. They do not have the 24/7 support team that Revention does. Furthermore, making changes to the menu was difficult, so was pricing, and coupons were especially an issue on their system. The layout of the program itself, the look of it, is horrible; not even close to Revention! So - I CAME BACK!!"

Glenn Cybulski, Persona Neapolitan Pizzeria

Concept: Fast Casual
Cuisine: Pizza