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Spicy Pie, a staple pizzeria in North Dakota, has been a long time trendsetter in the pizza industry. With seven locations under their belt, Spicy Pie recognized that growth came from their loyal customers and rewarding them for their continued business.

In 2015, Spicy Pie decided to use a third party customer rewards program to attract new customers while rewarding their existing customers. While there was measureable progress in redemption and participation rates, growth was slow. Participation rates stagnated for eight months until both customers and employees adopted the software and process. Lexi Bahl, Marketing Director for Spicy Pie remembers the implementation stating “Our previous rewards program wasn’t very easy to use. It wouldn’t sync with all of our stores and we were running into the issue of multiple accounts for one customer. We had to constantly pull data manually and double check our numbers to keep track of our revenue.”

Time for Change
Revention announced the release of Honeycomb Loyalty platform in February 2016. Spicy Pie was firmly partnered with their current loyalty solution and it would have been cost prohibited to adopt a new platform. In late October 2016, after five months of plateaued redemption rates and loyalty sales peaking at $45,000, Spicy Pie decided it was time to shop for a new solution.

A New Hive of Loyalty
Spicy Pie approached Revention about the functionality of Honeycomb in October 2016. The competitive price point, comprehensive integration, above store reporting and automated reward generation met all of the key requirements Spicy Pie was looking for in their new solution. After just two months of implementation the reporting showed proven results compared to the prior loyalty platform. Honeycomb provided a 230% increase in percentage of net sales attributed to their overall revenue.

From the official launch of Honeycomb in December 2016 through May 2017, Honeycomb doubled and tripled the benchmarks of the previous system because of the seamless integration between POS, Online Ordering and Cloud database. “Honeycomb has been a breeze to work with. Our customers love how easy it is to sign up and they love that our staff can pull their rewards during the ordering process. The fact that everything is centrally located saves us time and allows us to provide better customer service.
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