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  Taking an Independent Pizzeria to the Next Level…and  

The Mother Bear's Story

“Revention has helped me double my business in a few short years. Mother Bear’s would not be where it is today without Revention POS.”
Ray McConn, Owner of Mother Bear’s Pizza

When it comes to success as an independent, single unit pizzeria, the story behind Mother Bear’s is truly an inspiration. Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Mother Bear’s Pizza opened its doors 38 years ago as a modest little place in a college town peppered with competitors. Ray McConn, Mother Bear’s owner, was faced with the large task of outshining dozens of other local pizzerias just to keep the doors open. No small feat.  

McConn has now gained more than three decades of experience in the pizza segment. He has taken his vision and passion for Mother Bear’s and turned it into an award-winning, multi-million dollar business. Mother Bear’s pulled in an impressive 3.6 million dollars in sales in 2011. That amount climbs higher every year, even in the midst of an economic downturn. How did McConn do it?

The Problem: Outdated and Inept POS Software

All POS systems are not created equal. McConn discovered this when he installed his first POS system - Digital Dining. “[Digital Dining] promised us the stars, but it never really happened,” McConn stated. “The system was incredibly obtuse, honestly. We had to forsake delivery entry altogether and do it with pen and paper.”
Pen and paper - in the 21st century? Forsaking delivery entry? McConn knew this was not the smart way to move forward with his business, especially after hearing about Revention’s state of the art POS system.  Progress of any kind, including progress in business matters, is hinged on one basic principle: evolution. Not evolving with the rest of the world will result in the world leaving you and your business behind. Resisting technological evolution is even more crippling. But what busy pizzeria owner has time to learn a bunch of unfamiliar software and then train their employees to use it, too?
The Solution: A Streamlined, Easy to Use, Fully Customizable POS System

A quality POS provider that understands the pace and needs of a pizza establishment will be technologically advanced, but also user friendly. Revention understands. 

“Revention promised an ease of operation that proved absolutely true when put into action. The intuitive aspect of Revention’s system is just incredible. A few minutes of training is all it takes. 5 to 15 minutes of training and a person can be on the floor using the system,” McConn stated recently in an interview. (Click here to read Ray McConn's interview with Revention)
In 2005, Mother Bear’s decided to expand, bringing in more business than ever before. Digital Dining would not cut it. In 2007, McConn installed Revention POS in Mother Bear’s. Immediately, he started noticing things were running more smoothly. There were fewer mistakes, faster service, the ability to track discounted items, and happier customers. McConn expanded the restaurant’s square footage again, more confident than ever before that, with Revention POS, he could handle the exponential business. He was right.

The Results: Speed, Accuracy, Exponential Sales Growth

McConn stated, “We have 7 workstations here, and without Revention we would be nowhere near where we are today, as far as sales are concerned. We’ve doubled our business since 2007, which is when we got Revention. From 2007, we’ve grown from 1.8 million per year in sales to our current 3.6 million. Revention has played a large role in this.”

If you operate a single unit independent pizzeria yourself, you are probably thinking, “That’s all well and good, but I can’t afford a state of the art POS system in my store.”  The economic downturn has affected everyone, and being an independent store of any kind can be a struggle no matter what the economic climate. However, Revention knows that having an all-in-one POS solution is necessary to be successful in the pizza industry today, so the company makes it easy – financing is available, with $0 down and extremely low monthly payments for the system.

McConn went on to explain one of his favorite features about Revention’s system - recapturing the processing fee on credit card tips. 
“The system literally pays for itself and let me tell you how. When a customer adds a tip onto a credit card transaction, your credit card processor charges you the same fee to process the tip as on the actual sale amount.  What Revention does is enables you to recapture the amount of the processing fee that is charged for the tip. To demonstrate, let’s assume that you are a delivery and carry-out operation, your credit card processing fee is 3%, and that your annual sales are $1,000,000 with $800,000 (80%) of your sales being electronic.  Let’s further assume that your drivers make average tips of 10%, or $80,000 annually, in this scenario.  At this time you are paying the 3% processing fee for their tips, or, in other words, you’re paying $2,400 annually out of your pocket for them to keep 100% of their tips.  You don’t pay for their gas so why should you pay for their tips?  What Revention does is allow you to automatically add-back a preset percentage (your processing fee) of their electronic tip total onto their daily check-out.  Per driver on a daily basis, this add-back is truly insignificant.  But when you total this amount for every driver for every day on an annual basis, you have realized a significant sum of money.  This recapturing process works the same for servers as well as drivers.  A Revention POS system can realistically pay for itself within two-three years, solely using the above tip-fee recapture process.   And this is not considering all of the other advantages that Revention offers.”
Not only is it simple for anyone to afford this, but the system eventually pays for itself. It’s just a matter of strategically planning to streamline your business and then taking the plunge. It can’t be done without a solid POS.
“Of course a POS system is necessary, without a doubt. Revention has allowed me to double my business since 2007. The ease of use and ease of training are phenomenal. I am extremely happy with my Revention system,” McConn said.  Remember, McConn’s success continued despite the economic downturn. It can be done.

There is no one magic solution for success. However, there is one element in particular that can kick start all aspects of your business and help you achieve higher levels of success – investing in a POS system. The only system that is customizable, easy to use, and streamlined to fit your business’s needs is Revention POS. But don’t take my word for it. Ray McConn’s story says it all. Today, Mother Bear’s is one of the most popular spots in Bloomington. McConn has established an incredibly successful business, which was doubled in a few short years by adding Revention POS.
About Mother Bear’s Pizza
Mother Bear’s Pizza is located in Bloomington, Indiana. It is owned and operated by Ray McConn, and has been since it opened 38 years ago. Over the decades, Mother Bear’s has enjoyed exponential growth in profits, facility size, and customer base – impressive numbers for a single unit pizza-only store. Mother Bear’s is now a multiple award-winning pizzeria and one of the most popular locations in all of Bloomington, serving traditional pan style pizza and much more. 
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