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“Prior to Revention we were using Aloha, but it wasn’t a good fit – we needed something more up to date. We got that and so much more when we switched to Revention. Not only is the technology more cutting edge, but the system is just so user friendly – much easier to use than Aloha. Ease of use is really the main thing with me – it’s difficult for me to put into words just how user friendly Revention is, honestly! I really like how fast the system is, as well, and the biometric fingerprint reader is awesome (and cool!). Revention is the absolute perfect POS system for us – I couldn’t ask for better.”
Mike Conforti, P’s & Q’s Autobody
Featured in Season 4, Episode 1 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Social Club

“Ever since we switched from Harbortouch to Revention, everything is SO much better. It’s difficult to point out specifics because Revention is such a better system overall, that would be a long list! Even down to things that seem simple, like the images and buttons Revention uses, blow Harbortouch out of the water. Everything is much easier to categorize and much easier to use. And Revention just has so many features that Harbortouch didn’t have. I’d have to say my favorite thing right now about the Revention system is the ability to pull up drink recipes – I’m not a bartender myself, but my bartenders are raving about that feature – it’s very cool! The system is so intuitive, and my entire staff really loves it. We’re extremely happy with our Revention POS.”
Brian O’Shea, SOYO
Featured in Season 4, Episode 2 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar

5th & Vine
Featured in Season 4, Episode 3 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar

“Before Revention we were using cash registers, and the difference is huge. I love that I have so much control now - from pricing, sales, tracking and reporting features, I control it all. Revention makes everything easier, faster and more accurate. The process for the end of the night is far more simple now, and MUCH faster. The cash management features make it so that I know everything that went through the POS - it tracks everything for me. Not only that, but it also emails me the stats at the end of every business day, so even when I'm at home, I know what's going on. I love the system!”

Ivan Arroyo, Tres Cuartos
Featured in Season 4, Episode 4 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Nightclub

“Prior to Revention we were using Baseline POS, which Jack’s had in place for about 5 months. Now that we are using Revention everything is just so much easier! Split bills and refunds are now far more straightforward processes; even credit card transactions themselves are much simpler to perform. Everyone loves the colorful graphics Revention uses because they make order entry very fast and effortless. It’s so great that we can edit the menu easily and that we can do it ourselves – previously we would have to call in for customer support to make menu changes. Coupons are awesome and easy to do, also.
From a management standpoint, the reporting features Revention offers are fantastic – we definitely couldn’t run reports like this with our former POS. Being able to assign security levels to specific employees is an extremely useful tool, and the clock in/out feature is very efficient, especially when it comes to keeping track of employee hours. We are very happy with our Revention POS.”
Brian McGowan, Jack’s Fire Dept.
Featured in Season 4, Episode 5 of Bar Rescue
Concept: Bar

Alleged / 2nd State Lounge
Featured on Bar Rescue Season 4, Episode 6

Concept: Bar, Pizza

Osteria Calabria
Featured in Season 4, Episode 7 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Full Service

“I think Revention is such a great system! We’ve only recently started using it, so I know we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of its vast capabilities and potential, but already I really love what it provides for my business. It’s my goal to utilize every Revention feature to its full capacity as we move forward into the future and it’s clear to me just how beneficial this system already is and will continue to be for us. We are very happy with the POS.”
Scott Lopes, Lake Marie Lodge
Featured in Season 4, Episode 8 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar

“Prior to Revention we were using cash registers in the bar, so the change has been dramatic – and I love the system! Getting the end of day updates straight to my phone is so awesome and incredibly beneficial – it’s as though I have my finger on the pulse of the bar now. Revention gives me insight into everything that is going on; I especially like getting the sales breakdown every day. I feel like I am now in complete control of my bar. I didn’t feel that way before. My staff picked up using the POS so easily – they love the system too! And my Revention installer was truly amazing. He did such an incredible job. We are so very happy with every aspect of Revention.”
Packy Campbell, Campbell’s Irish Pub
Featured in Season 4, Episode 10 of Bar Rescue
Concept: Bar

Nick's House
Featured in Season 4, Episode 11 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar
“Before Revention we were using Aldelo – Revention is much more user friendly, especially on the back end of things. With Aldelo, there were always extra and unnecessary steps to complete simple tasks. It could be very time consuming. Revention’s processes are far more streamlined and faster. Checking customers out is a lot easier with Revention’s POS, as well. I really like how Revention allows the user to go back and correct things very easily if need be; Aldelo didn’t allow for that at all, which was frustrating.”

Christine Pruess, Clear Bar
Featured in Season 4, Episode 12 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Nightclub

"On behalf of Bonny & Read’s we would like to thank the people at Bar Rescue for choosing Revention as our POS system.  We did utilize a competitive system prior to the show.  However, our older system was about to need PCI compliance upgrades.  Now with our Revention system, PCI compliance is no longer a worry.  With minimal training we were able to complete the re-launch with ease and minimal confusion.  This is a testament to the simplicity of use of this system.  In the following months we were able to customize the system utilizing the Revention support group.  The support group is very knowledgable of their product and is always willing to help, regardless of the severity of the problem. I would definitely recommend this system to any bar owner looking to add or upgrade their POS system."

Jamie Hawkins, Bonny & Read's
Featured in Season 4, Episode 14 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar
“Prior to Revention we were using Meridian Star POS. Once we switched we realized how much more user friendly Revention’s POS is in comparison to our former system. For me one of the coolest features is the fingerprint recognition. It’s so convenient to have employees clock in and out this way, and eliminates the problem of servers logging in for each other and so on.  I also really love that if we lose internet connection, with Revention we can still do our credit card processing offline. We don’t have to lose any time or money.
The transition from Meridian Star to Revention went well, as did training. Our employees found the POS very easy to learn and were ready to use it without training after one day. We are very satisfied Revention POS.”

Marvin Daran, Ele 
Featured on Season 4, Episode 15 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Full Service

"Before Revention we were using Micros, but the operating system was very old. It was time for something new - an upgrade. Revention has far more features than Micros did - features that help me accomplish my tasks more quickly, especially with regard to back office work. Payroll is incredibly easy to do and the reporting features are awesome. Micros' reports were 12 pages long per report! Revention has everything laid out simply for me on a single page, and it's very easy to read.

I'm not an incredibly computer savvy person, but Revention is SO easy to use - it's idiot proof, like POS for dummies! So user friendly. My staff says the same thing. They love it. Here's a good demonstration of just how easy it is - recently we had a holiday party here at the bar, and we brought in outside bartenders to run the bar while the staff had fun. We literally had to train these people for 10 - 15 seconds on the POS and they were ready to go. And they loved it too! We're all very happy with our Revention system."

Albert Borrero, The Hot Rock Bar & Grille
Featured on Season 4, Episode 16 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Full Service

Steinhaus Brau & Brats
Featured on Season 4, Episode 17 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Pub
"Before we installed Revention we were using cash registers and naturally the difference now is massive. The system is extremely user friendly and I really like the easy to read screens and the colorful images. Our staff picked it quickly and were trained in no time. The ability to customize and update the menu on our end is awesome; uploading images to the menu is so simple. Revention's customer support is excellent, too. I really like how they can dial into our system remotely and fix whatever the problem might be, and they always answer when we call. I am really enjoying using the Revention POS system."

Danielle Browne, Patriot House
Featured on Season 4, Episode 18 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar, Full Service
"Prior to Revention I'd used 2 other POS systems. One was called ComCash and it was an absolute joke. Then I briefly switched to Breadcrumb, but honestly that was also a joke. Breadcrumb was completely web based and ran off an iPad format so the screen was super tiny, the buttons were limited, you had to deal with a bunch of extra drop down screens - it was just cumbersome and slow.

Revention is a totally different story. The best thing about Revention, to me, is that it is designed by people in and familiar with the industry. It's super fast, the screens are large and can hold at least 20 buttons per screen, and the speed of service is incredible. My absolute favorite features about Revention are the Quick Cash and Quick Credit - you have no idea how helpful those are to me. The reporting features are also great, you can run a report on basically anything you want - I've barely scratched the service of the reporting capabilities, but I plan to.

Honestly, I juust can't say enough good things about Revention. The system is intuitive and very fast, and adding new products to the menu is so easy. Revention is the fastest POS I have ever used and the fact that the designers have worked in and know the industry is a major plus for me and gives Revention a huge leg up on any competitor. Revention is a GREAT system."

Greg Hawkins, 38th Floor
Featured in Season 4, Episode 19 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar

The LIster
Featured in Season 4, Episode 20 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar

Oak Tavern
Featured on Season 4, Episode 21 of Bar Rescue

Concept: Bar
“I am so glad that we have Revention. Our old system was so outdated – I’ve put it out of my memory! Revention is just so USER-FRIENDLY. The staff has not had any trouble learning it, and the fingerprint recognition makes it easy for them to log in securely. I really like the picture icons and the ability to modify items. Every time I call Customer Service their reps are friendly, helpful, and patient. We are looking forward to really utilizing the system to its full potential; there is so much it can do. It’s a great system.”
Veronica Thomas, BR Steak Bar & Steakhouse
Featured in Season 4, Episode 27 of Bar Rescue
Concept: Full Service, Bar
Cuisine: Steak