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Specialized Concepts

Revention understands that not all concepts fit into any one category and may require custom development to make sure our system can do the most for your business. We provide you with the precise solution necessary to ensure your business runs smoothly, effectively and up to your standards. Our highly customizable software and dedication to customer satisfaction will easily meet the needs of your specialized concept, just as we have already done for many others.

Live Music Venues

Gaming/amusement Parks

Adult Entertainment

VFW/Fraternal Groups

Revention's capabilities span the high demand of quick service, unlimited number of stations and ease of use for live music venues.

  • Station specific menus
  • Host/Ticket stand/Door charges
  • Custom menus for specific events (Disney on Ice = Non-Alcoholic beverages)
  • Customer tickets can print with future events

Revention's custom development allows gaming facilities to integrate their concept into one of our partner's software and keep processes simplified and user friendly.

  • Receipts can configure prizes for every 10th, 50th, or 100th customer
  • Self service ordering kiosk
  • Deferred orders can allow parties to reserve and make payments in advance
  • Marketing tool can send emails for marked events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Revention accommodates the Adult Entertainment by providing fast turnaround and special menu customization for our customers who have a particular clientele to uphold.

  • Recipes allow for drink mixtures to be looked up or printed
  • Predictive totals allow for faster cashouts
  • Enable nicknames to ensure staff privacy
  • Customize clients' receipts for discrete charges

Fraternal groups need to keep track of their members as well as provide reporting for their board members. Revention's capabilities mold to these needs and more.

  • Email receipts to customers
  • Track & adjust accounts credit limits
  • Create point based or credit systems that tracks customers expenditures & rewards them accordingly
  • Tips can be added to account charges

Live Music Venues

Revention Music Center is one of Houston's premier concert venues. RMC currently holds 30 Revention terminals and is looking to add ten more. With Revention's software, there is no limit on how many stations the network can withstand which also comes in handy when you have to accommodate the high volume and 70k credit card transactions being run for any given show.
"Our bartenders love how easy it is to identify items, configure prices, & manage separate menus. If I had to open another bar tomorrow I would definitely choose Revention again."

Johnny So, Fitzgerald's
"We needed a POS that could speed up operations and make tracking inventory easier. Inventory purposes were a big part of our decision to get Revention – the inventory features are excellent. The inventory module helps us track of everything better and monitor so many things, which positively affects our profits. We love the system!"

Byron Navarro, Rockin Rodeo

Gaming/Amusement Parks

"Since we've implemented Revention, we've seen an increase in revenue including an increase in average order through our delivery app. With a 24 lane bowling alley, we needed a POS solution that could accommodate the high demand. Revention customized an app that we integrated into our kiosks and now our order entry is much easier, seamless, and quicker."

Dan Fulton, The Bar at Suamico

"From a food/restaurant management perspective, we consider Revention to be the best in class. Revention integrates with Embed, which is the best in their class [for cashless payment systems for the amusement and family entertainment industry]. This integration allows us to sell gameplay with Revention that can be redeemed in the back of the house. They can also add additional gameplay on the Embed kiosks."

Scott Kelly, Gatti's

Adult Entertainment

"Prior to Revention we were using Harbortouch, but since the switch things run so much more smoothly. I love the layout of Revention's screens & the images used on the buttons. Revention allows for a lot more customizaion than Harbortouch, for instance if we needed to change the liquor on a mixed drink, their system couldn't accommodate. We had to com up with a work around. With Revention, changes are easy to make."

"We use Revention at all four of our locations and we absolutely love it. We were previously using manual cash registers which would slow down our service. We first implemented Revention in 2012 and love all of the features. It's so easy to use, you just push a button and it's all there!"

Terri Daniel, Owner, BT Cabaret


"We selected Revention POS for American Legion because we wanted greater control & more accountability when it came to our business. The software is excellent & the system is so easy to use - transactions go fast now. We love that we can customize the system to our needs, especially the ability to choose the images & icons we want. The installation & training process was awesome & no other POS company offered that kind of comprehensive package."

Sheila bondell, Owner, American Legion Club