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Delivery is the most unique and demanding sector of the food service industry. The complexities can be overwhelming, from managing accurate pricing and multiple coupons to timely delivery and customer database maintenance. 



Increase Speed of Service

Revention has created an intuitive order screen layout with graphical buttons, red light/green light ingredients for quick modifications. The smart coupons ensure customers’ orders do not get over-discounted and a coupon can only be applied to a qualified menu item.

  • Intuitive order screen and ingredient information makes training a new employee a breeze
  • Accurate pricing of add-ons & eliminates pricing mistakes
  • Suggestive selling prompts and combo pricing
  • Edit an item without having to delete or re-enter
  • Hold order feature to manage more than one order at a time
  • Simplified order recall by customer name, phone or items ordered
  • Robust coupon configuration, which includes required items, pick any and BOGO

Want to Perfect Your Delivery Operation?

Managing delivery times and drivers is key to a successful delivery operation. Revention has incorporated features like delivery reminders to ensure items are not forgotten, order stage auditing and alerts to track kitchen and driver performance, as well as foolproof cash management.

  • Intuitive driver dispatch screen, with color coded order timing, alerts and order detail review
  • Complete driver cash management, including cash drop alerts and intuitive reconciliation
  • Split driver pay for in store and out of store required tip declaration
  • Pop up message upon dispatch displays drivers' estimated "on the road" time and the time the driver should return to the restaurant
  • Driver Late Return visual indicator on driver dispatch screen allows managers to quickly identify a problem with late driver returns.
  • Numerous security settings to all you to manage the delivery functions the way you choose

Integrated Google Mapping Engine

Revention integrates with Google Maps that route all deliveries with the best and most accurate mapping engine available from the delivery dispatch screen.

  • Real time mapping updates provide map data for newly developed areas.
  • Map multiple delivery orders with turn by turn directions providing the fastest, most efficient route based on current traffic conditions.
  • Print turn by turn directions on dispatch receipt printer.
  • Delivery drivers can easily receive Google Driving instructions from the POS to their mobile phone with an email or text message.
  • Supports GPS / hands-free driving instructions to promote driver safety and ensure prompt delivery to your customer.

Manage Multiple Delivery Zones

Revention makes it easy to create and manage multiple delivery zones with an easy to use interface at the point of sale. Create your delivery zone by creating a geofence perimeter around your delivery area, then add the Zone name, fee and driver compensation.

  • Delivery zones are shared seamlessly between point of sale, online ordering, and mobile ordering applications
  • Create your delivery zone at the point of sale and synchronize online with the push of a button
  • Easily manage multiple delivery zones and fees
  • Create a new zone in 3 seconds with defined delivery fee and driver compensation

Email & Text Delivery Instructions

  • Delivery drivers can easily receive Google Driving instructions from the POS to their mobile phone with an email or text message.
  • Supports GPS / hands-free driving instructions to promote driver safety and ensure prompt delivery to your customer.
  • Driver mileage is calculated by Google Mapping and recorded for each driver run
  • Quickly determine your highest performing drivers by comparing estimated drive time verse actual drive time.

Advanced Delivery Dispatch Features

Dispatch has never been this enhanced! The advanced features offered will never fail to wow your customers and ensure a seamless, positive experience for all involved.

  • The POS will email the customer when their order leaves your restaurant, providing them peace of mind
  • Option to upload pictures of your delivery drivers into the system; Revention will include the driver's picture in the email, which will state that their order just left the store with a particular driver, and include a picture of that driver. Exceptional customer service AND added security. How cool is that?
  • If the customer calls back after placing an order to check on their delivery, the caller id shows how long the order was at the restaurant, how long it’s been on the road, and which driver it's with so they have all of the pertinent information before you answer the phone

Maintain a Superior Customer Database

Your customer database is worth gold - treat it that way! Revention has put controls in place to assist your staff in creating an accurate customer record. Additional features manage customer charge accounts & hotel ordering.

  • Integrated call management system provides customer and order status within the caller ID screen
  • Caller ID filter prevents random text from populating the customer record
  • Security will lock down street list to maintain integrity & prevent errors
  • Zones & grids configuration will auto populate the zip code
  • Customer charge account management
  • Hotel tracking to reward hotels for repeat business & options to prevent hotel orders from creating unnecessary customer records
  • Easy to use tools to merge customer records and delete customers that have not ordered in a while
  • Marketing analysis module allows custom queries, customer list exports, labels, and email marketing

Eliminate Internal Theft Forever

The importance of cash control & audit tools is critical to your bottom line. Revention has created numerous and simple ways for you to check up on your business. This ensures all of your cash is going into your business and not into someone's pocket or down the drain.

  • Biometric fingerprint for employee point of sale access
  • Employee scheduling with parameters that can be set to prevent early or late clock in
  • Security access can be configured by labor type or individual
  • Security camera integration
  • Security settings to prevent post-delivery couponing

Superior Alternative Ordering Features 

A busy phone or long hold time may drive some customers to a different concept. Revention offers multiple ways for the customer to place their order with your restaurant.

  • Integrated online ordering solution developed by Revention
  • Customized mobile ordering applications for iPhone and Droid
  • Wireless POS terminals to allow orders to be taken person to person or car side
  • Call center solution to take the phone orders out of the store and into a calm and clear environment

Precision Marketing 

Knowing the buying habits of your individual consumers is key. Revention POS features custom marketing queries that give you the ability to practice precision marketing. Create your list and send a custom offer.

  • Predefined marketing queries for immediate key customer lists
  • Ability to create and save unlimited custom marketing queries
  • Create and save email and marketing templates
  • Email customers directly from the point of sale system
  • Export marketing lists and label printing
  • Ability to map all customers from a marketing list to gauge saturation areas

True Live 24/7/365 Live Customer Support

Revention understands that restaurants have different hours than the normal business 8am-5pm. Our customer support team is staffed every hour of every day of the year.

TRUE LIVE 24/7/365 SUPPORT - NO outsourcing, NO call centers, NO on call services - you will speak with a Revention customer support agent from our Revention headquarters with little to no wait time. Revention POS systems are developed by Revention. Dealing with the source of the software allows for faster results when it comes to resolving an issue and implementing custom requests.

  • 24/7/365 Revention-staffed support center
  • 1-877-738-7444 Customer support number
  • Certified technicians who understand a restaurant's sense of urgency

"I learned about Revention at an equipment trade show. I was looking for a POS system that could fill my needs as a pizza concept, and I stopped by Aloha's booth to see a demonstration - it was clear to me that Aloha couldn't fulfill my needs. When I saw a demonstration for Revention, I knew I'd found the right POS for Piesanos. The red light/green light order feature and the integrated caller ID feature are my favorite features. Piesanos is in the process of franchising and Revention will be the Point of Sale system of choice for all of the future stores."

Mike Akey, Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza

"Another great thing about Revention is its ease of use. As a delivery concept, I have a lot of teenagers working for me and I need to make it as easy as possible for them to take orders. The system is so visual; it is really the best way for employees to learn. I originally chose Aloha because it is down the street from me, but in this day and age, that doesn't really matter! Revention has been great every step of the way, I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants their business to succeed!!"

Bob Aures, Pizza del Aureo's