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A Superior Products

As a restaurant or bar operator, you understand that it all starts with delicious food and tasty beverages. No matter how stellar your service or how amazing the ambiance is,  your establishment will not survive if your product is inferior.  Revention employs the same principle of high-quality products. We manufacture all our own hardware and software to precise detail.  We do not use resellers, we are the sole source of our product and can, therefore, ensure the most secure, highest quality products and services by our team of Revention experts. Our team consistently keeps our Point of Sale, HungerRush Online Ordering, and R-Enterprise Multi-Unit Reporting Software on the cutting edge of technology. Revention not only maintains the leading edge but also provides the ability to scale along with the vertical growth of your business.

Better Customer Service

Revention’s company-wide culture is to service the customer beyond expectation. Almost everyone at Revention has had a background in the hospitality industry, so we truly understand your needs and frustrations. Whether you are purchasing a POS system for your new business, or are looking to implement a better system than you are currently using, we take a consultative approach to assist you throughout your decision-making process. Revention's customer support team is available 24 hours per day, every day - we never close. We know that you are busy at all times of the day, not just during office hours, so the 24/7/365 support infrastructure is there for you at all times. Revention team members truly care about the success of your business, and that is reflected in the courteous attitude and open communication we provide.