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Customer Service

Revention provides 24 hours a day, 365 days a year customer service. Revention headquarters, located in Houston, TX, never closes. There are always team members available to answer your call. Revention prides itself in providing the highest quality customer service experience. Surveys are sent with each and every closed case. If a customer is not satisfied and Revention is notified via survey results, a supervisor or manager will follow up personally. Technology is not perfect and is always evolving. Revention’s customer service is not only here when you need help but is also committed to providing an updated version of Revention POS at least once a year complimentary to all customers maintaining a Revention Software & Maintenance Agreement. Revention may not always be the first POS system you will use, but it will be the last.

  • Revention Customer Service is open 24/7/365
  • Revention services clients in all 50 states and 7 countries from its corporate headquarters in Houston, TX
  • Complimentary software updates with active service agreements
  • You will always speak to a live agent
  • Revention has maintained a 97% customer retention rate over 10 years

Onsite service

Revention is a direct model company which means all product and services originate from Houston, TX. Revention does offer onsite service within all 50 United States. Through diligent research and testing, Revention partnered with a trusted national point of sale IT Service Company with over 10,000 technicians. The on-site technician works directly with Revention customer service to resolve all issues requiring hands-on access. On-site assistance is an optional service available to Revention customers.

  • On-site service available in all 50 states
  • Over 10,000 technicians available
  • 2-4 hour on-site service availability



Revention uses only the highest quality components to build Revention workstations. The Samsung Solid State Drive, introduced as a standard component of the R3310, dramatically increased the reliability of the Revention workstations. The workstations also include LED-backlit touchscreen monitors, digital persona fingerprint readers, and Intel Pentium Dual Core processors. Combining these quality components result in a mean time between failure of 8.9 years and a 1.76% failure rate measured over 3 years. Comparable POS workstations have an average failure rate of 8-15%.


  • Revention workstations have the lowest failure rate in the industry
  • FCC regulated meantime between failure (MTBF) of 8.9%
  • Wall mountable unit


Power Protection

POS companies understand that 85% of hardware failures are due to fluctuating power environments. If your POS vendor didn’t sell you power protection, they don’t care about your business. Smart Power power conditioners became a standard component of the Revention point of sale system in 2009. From that point forward customer service calls related to hardware failure or lockup plummeted to less than 5% of overall service calls. Many power related issues including computer freezing, lockup, and data loss can all be attributed to inconsistencies in power, which is why Revention mandates the use of power voltage regulators. We care about your hardware and we want it to last.

  • 85% of all POS hardware failures are hardware related
  • Restaurants are known for inconsistent power distribution
  • Proper power protection will extend the life of your hardware


Revention’s program began as a collaboration between leading restaurant professionals and seasoned POS developers. The two years of research and development of all industry leading products on the market led to the reinvention of what a POS system should be, hence the name Revention, a reinvention of the point of sale industry. The primary difference in the development plan was to listen to the customer’s needs and utilize the best technology available. Revention uses VB.NET for the point of sale development, SQL server database, as well as custom Windows services for cross-platform communications, and HTML5 for web applications. Revention’s technology and code is extremely versatile. Imagine a home built in 1980 with a new paint job versus a new house built with a new foundation and new technology. Revention believes that point of sale technology should be all-inclusive and not modular based.

  • Revention software is all inclusive
  • Open architecture database
  • Customizable to fit any concept


Revention’s capabilities expand beyond a traditional restaurant point of sale configuration. Revention excels in large-scale environments such as music venues and amusement parks. Custom infrastructure is the key to success in the large venues. Rack mounted servers include solid-state RAID array with redundant dual power supplies, 24/7 critical support and a 4 hours parts-in-hand replacement time. The service and parts is facilitated through Revention Customer Service. Each server can accommodate up to 200 Revention workstations. Revention can assist with network infrastructure design of multiple bandwidth sources or offer solutions for redundancy. Revention’s services such as HungerRush online ordering and R-Enterprise reporting maintain a 99%+ uptime.

  • Large-scale environment support
  • Consulting services for infrastructure design
  • Over 99% uptime for Revention’s products and services

Tried. Proven. Trusted